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Pan-Delhi Geeks’ and Quizzers’ Meet 2008

By on Jun 27, 2008 in Personal | 0 comments

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This was an idea which Prashanth came up with – having a meet of all the geeks and quizzers who’ve been competing with each other over the past few years in the school competition circuit. A brilliant idea it is too, to give a forum where ‘the Delhi geeks and quizzers batch of 2008’, ‘alumni’ of the same, and ‘juniors’ currently in school can get to meet each other; and get to know each other before everyone leaves for their colleges (or prepares to drop a year). Thus came up the idea for a Pan-Delhi Geeks’ and Quizzers’ Meet.

Right now, there’s a venue issue – we have none – so this is being kept an informal meet with no particular agenda. Basically going to be a ‘working lunch’ sort of meeting at some restaurant, at Connaught Place – chosen on popular demand for having a central location. The meeting is currently scheduled to be held on 5th July 2008, time is 11am to 3pm, and the current meeting point is PVR Plaza, CP. For more, visit the Upcoming page for this event. PVR Plaza is simply going to be the meeting point, because CP is a big place and this is a good landmark everyone can get to. The actual restaurant (not at the end of the Universe) we end up going to would be dictated by the number of people turning up and the vacancies, but going by the current list – 14 have confirmed they’re coming till now, and one week left for more people to join in – I’d say that the Nirula’s, Outer Circle CP might be a place which will be able to accomodate an expected turnout of 20-25 people – other places, I don’t think they’ll be able to accomodate that many. Still, any suggestions are welcome. Oh, and since nobody is sponsoring this, everyone chips in to the bill.

I think an informal meet for the first such event ever is a good idea, where people can get to know and socialize. If this turns out to be successful, we could have follow-up meets with some actual agenda. Of course, there will be some quite interesting alumni to meet too. People like, say, Pony, who’s also back in Delhi, and can tell us that the grass is indeed greener on the other side (over at Aston City). Or Ankit Sud, a brilliant tech quizzer currently at NSIT, probably the best tech quizzer Delhi has seen. :)

I don’t know if anyone from this ‘batch’, or other people who turn up, will go on to become the Next Big Guy In Tech. Or maybe, it will be just that many more meetings like these will get held in such fine restaurants that the whole batch dies out of cholesterol poisoning. ;)

People who’re interested in participating in this event can look up more details and discussions on the Upcoming page for this event. To give suggestions, use the discussions there. If you’re a student / alumni who’s been there in the Delhi computer symposiums / quizzing circuit, join in! There’s just ONE request – IF you’re attending / planning to attend the event, please click on the “I’m Going” / “I’m Watching” buttons and add your name. We really need to know at the meeting point whether everyone has turned up, and possibly inform any stragglers on the event day where we’re leaving for from the meeting place. For any clarifications, use the comment feature on Upcoming, or get in touch with me.

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