No Posts For A While

I won’t be in Delhi from 7th July 2008 to 16th July 2008, so there won’t be any posts from me during this while. Other authors may keep contributing, but I don’t think I will be posting stuff. Off on vacation. Hey, which gives me a great idea. I could use this occassion to try and de-addict myself from tech. So maybe I shouldn’t carry my phone either, although Airtel has reduced the rates now a lot (tempting…). Had the Pan-Delhi Geeks’ Meet today, ’twas quite fun! Thanks to all the people who turned up, including the alumni; and a special thanks to Mukesh sir for helping in organizing this. Lot of stuff to write, including the meet, but that will be after I come back. You’d probably have heard the story on other blogs by then. :)

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