Croakings of India

Amul Star Voice of India logo
Amul Star Voice of India logo

I happened to be channel surfing today, and accidentally ended up at (horror of horrors) Star Plus. They had another of those idiotic song reality shows going on, called Voice of India or something. I watched it for a while, and although I’ve never seen it earlier, I could tell that their anchor guy doesn’t seem to be enjoying the show. He constantly has a facial expression which seems to have been brought about by the fact that someone forced him to drink a whole bottle of Pudin Hara, mixed with a generous dosage of castor oil. Or maybe it’s just his paycheck. Anyway, I didn’t watch this travesty of a show for long, but during the few minutes that I *did* watch, it was quite evident that quite a few of the folk participating were nothing better than bathroom singers – and terrible ones at that. It didn’t stop the judges judges from swaying around as if a K L Saigal LP record was being played in the studio, but I’ll gloss over that fact. In fact, the judges seemed to have nothing more to mutter than sweet nothings after a contestant had their go. I guess a desi Simon Cowell won’t work with Indian audiences. The footage of the show also appears to be VERY jerky, almost as if it has been shot at a frame rate of 15 FPS. I just don’t get why people watch this kind of stuff. 20 minutes of THIS had me puking.

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