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The Vodafone Bitch

By on Sep 12, 2008 in Food For Thought | 0 comments

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I totally dread calling up any Vodafone numbers, just in case I run into the Vodafone Bitch while trying to get through to them. The ‘Vodafone Bitch’ happens to be that chick who tells you (the caller) so cheerfully that “the Vodafone number you’re calling is busy / not responding / not reachable”. It’s the last case which makes me really irritated – why the F should Vodafone be so goddamn excited about a phone not being reachable, that too because of THEIR fault of having poor coverage in that area? I find that really really irritating. At the other end of the spectrum (pun intended) are BSNL/MTNL recorded messages, which will put you off from making another phone call until sometime in the next decade.

BTW, noticed the Vodafone ad on call conferencing on TV these days? I think I should sue them for using Bunny-Like Laughterâ„¢ without my permission.

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