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Monotony, Redefined

By on Sep 15, 2008 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 1 comment

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The last few days have been very monotonous and except for me nearly fainting on the porch nothing exciting has happened in my life, I am spending most of my days reading history, trying not to think that I will have to memorise all that nonsense and trying not to let my mind wander to greener pastures. Further I am getting this ominous sense of doom that the Apollo 13 astronauts must have felt when they must have seen all that oxygen being leaked out into the dark recesses of space (yes I have gone completely bonkers, finally). I am not really worried about marks or anything like that but no matter how hard I try my subconscious keeps on sending reminders that if I don’t start now I will be definitely messed up after 7th January. At times you just can’t reason with yourself, can you?

On Christmas I asked and received 2 books (my parents refused to buy more as it would keep me neatly engaged for a month until I had read and re-read them to my pleasure) from Arthur C. Clarke which I bought after spending 3 hours in the bookstore juggling around my “Final Selection” of books that are to be bought as a short term anti boredom measures these were:

Out of these due to sheer desperation and much to my mother’s amusement I chose The Hammer of God and 2061. This neatly served as an active boredom deterrent for roughly 4 hours and after that, there were none.

Yesterday after getting over what I call Christmas shock, I tried to climb a tree in the morning and succeeded, only to find mom standing at the bottom with a bemused expression and saying “….. I know you are desperate not to give the pre-boards but honey this isn’t the way to do it, try doing something more effective….”. While coming back I felt an acute sense of fatigue and darkness started to eat away my field of vision, I felt like I was blind, it was a horrible and unique experience, I literally collapsed on the front porch and dad rushed out and put me on the sofa and the rest of it is a blur now. My parents conjectured that it was acute dehydration due to the fact that my water bottle’s water level hadn’t moved an inch for 2 days (I don’t like the taste of the water at home so I drink only mineral water until we get a R.O unit, I survived on appy fizz). Anyway the ordeal was over and I slept for the whole day, which made me feel extremely lethargic today, I guess that’s just about it. See the moral of the story is not to run around dehydrated and especially not to climb trees during this state.

I was going to dedicate this post to Bhutto but I thought otherwise and for the first time I blogged only on my life (I try not to divulge my life on the Internet, but then I thought who cares?).

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  1. LigLurySCS

    November 15, 2008

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    You chose Hammer of God over Foundation?
    Dude…that sux….

    *R.I.P. (I hope) Agrajag*

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