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In the Dark of the Knight

By on Sep 19, 2008 in Reviews | 6 comments

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In the Dark of the Knight at Twisted DNA.

What a relief to come across a review of The Dark Knight which actually makes sense, and doesn’t start praising a mindless superhero flick.

PS – Don’t miss the rest of the guy’s blog or the other funny stuff in it.


  1. rach

    September 20, 2008

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    dont be a faggart! the dark knight isnt a mindless flick! you havnt even seen the damn movie, and still you’re commenting…pooh!

  2. Prashanth Kanduri

    September 21, 2008

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    Dude, just don’t talk without watching the whole thing. If realism is what you want, stop praising H2G2 or LOTR and other shitty stuff like Harry Potter. It is far more believable than other super hero flicks, and this particular genre isn’t exactly meant to be the way you might like although it is way better than Die Hard 4.0 for sure!

  3. Ankur

    September 21, 2008

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    @Prashanth: h2g2, Harry Potter, LOTR…they are all fiction and don’t try to present themselves as reality. So they can’t be judged by the same yardstick. There *are* police cops who show extraordinary courage. However, there *aren’t* any humanoid bats hanging around in cities in gay suits. It may be better than other superhero flicks, and I admit that this also is fiction – what I *don’t* like is people treating this movie as if it’s something out of friggin’ real life and saying “It’s so realistic!”. When a movie comes this close to ‘reality’ and still has trucks being overturned, it reminds me of Michael Bay. And I still like Michael Bay because he’s unashamedly wrong when it comes to physics, but he doesn’t try to project it as reality.

  4. rach

    September 21, 2008

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    c’mon, dont miss the flick because of that one crummy li’l ‘unrealistic’ scene! almost everything depicted in the film is realistic! watch it for that!

  5. Ankur

    September 22, 2008

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    @Rach: That’s my point! When Chris Nolan makes it *so* realistic throughout the movie then why does he screw up in those few scenes! It’s like watching a game trailer, you know? They’ll make the texture of bloody LEAVES so realistic in a forest but for the love of God they can never get human expressions right. Really puts me off. As I said, Michael Bay is so mind-numbingly senseless that you are *prepared* for ‘it’. And Twisted DNA is also right on another count when he says he’s seen cadavers more livelier than Maggie Gyllenhal. I’d have seen TDK *just* for someone like Katie Holmes if she’d been there. That’s why I watched the first part in the first place!

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