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Search, Click, Play, Hear Music

By on Sep 20, 2008 in Reviews, Stop The Press, Tech Takes | 0 comments

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Yahoo! Music Blog ยป Search, Click, Play, Hear Music.

Yahoo! Search has just added a new feature which allows you to listen to the full tracks of songs you search up on Yahoo! Search. This is within the expanded results it used to give earlier for certain searches – except that you can now hear the full song instead of samples. Which reinforces my point – if you use Y! Search you’ll find that it is pretty darn good and has features no other search engine has. This particular feature is very helpful for people interested in quizzing (like me), because at times I need to search up songs related to some movie for including in / preparing for a quiz, and I need to be able to listen to the track to see iof it’s the correct one. Best of all, the whole thing is legal (because of their tie-in with Rhapsody). The browser-based player they use is pretty darn nifty too.

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