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Creating photo mosaics from Flickr photos

By on Sep 25, 2008 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 2 comments

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Mozaker - creating photo mosaic on Flickr

Mozaker - creating photo mosaics on Flickr

Mozaker is a sleek-looking (albeit Flash-heavy) website which uses the Flickr API to create collages using existing photos on Flickr. To choose the primary image whose mosaic you need to create, you can either browse through existing photos on Flickr on the basis of their tag, or upload your own photo. After that’s done, you can start the mosaic-ing process, which will look up random photos on Flickr to create the required mosaic. Get some really psychedelic photos using this! A really good demonstration of the neat stuff developers can cook up using the Yahoo!’s Flickr API.


  1. Vivek

    September 26, 2008

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    Hey…does Flickr have a desktop app of its own, like Picasa? By the way, not meaning to be a wet blanket, I would like to tell you that you can do exactly the same thing in Picasa…albeit on the desktop app.

  2. Ankur

    September 26, 2008

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    @Vivek: The point is (apart from the fact that it is sharp) you can do this with photos on ANYTHING you want, not just your own. You could, with your own too; but my point is say you want a mosaic-ed pic of IIT Guwahati and you haven’t gone there, then you can use THIS tool to search up pics tagged ‘IIT Guwahati’, and have a mosaic. And if you try it out, this particular site gives a more…interesting…image simply because it has a lot more tools to work with.

    Flickr started off as a web app, and is primarily a web app. Picasa started off as a desktop app, and PicasaWeb is nothing more than an extension of it which does nothing more than store images.

    Flickr does have online editing tools (using the Flickr API), and desktop uploader(s) –

    You can also check out more services using the Flickr API here –

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