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By on Oct 28, 2008 in Reviews, Tech Takes | 6 comments

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New Aviary Logo
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael S Galpert
Guys, do check this out! Especially people who like photography and / or editing photos. is an online image editing suite with such stunning capabilities that I found it hard to believe that it was actually a web app! And they have more online tools slated to come soon – including Penguin, the word processor. If they make products as equally good as these I can safely predict that a product like this going to revolutionize the way we look at web apps. Elegant. Intuitive. Powerful. Responsive. Totally swept me off my feet.

PS – There’s also a comparison of different photo editing suites (albeit on Aviary’s own blog), but it’s quite a fair comparison. Oh, and the Tara Reid photos count too as to the reason why I’m linking this from here. ‘Bulge tool’ – LMAO!


  1. Nids

    October 30, 2008

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    yeah, i heard about this, was kinda waiting for somebody’s opinion…so its good? i’ll try :)

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