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Penguin-shaped dustbins

By on Nov 3, 2008 in On A Whim | 5 comments

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Proof about the penguin-shaped dustbins I’d talked about earlier. I was back there, not for the SAT Subject Tests this time, but for the SAT Reasoning Test. Was suprised to find some guy from DPS VK who swore that I looked exactly like some IIT-G guy when they had gone there. And I must say, that chick sitting in the front must have had some balls, to try attempting the paper without a calculator.


  1. Lord Labak Das

    November 3, 2008

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    Penguin dustbins are common in Chennai. There are dozens of it in the central railway station and I think they are also there in many parks.

    Slightly differently structured through, and blue instead of black.

  2. Ankur

    November 4, 2008

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    @Lord Labak Das: LOL! Really!

    @Karmanya: Speaking of Bill Gates, that reminds me of a quote I came across recently.

    “I got a letter in the mail today. It says ‘Gas Bill’. Sounds like a tempting offer.” – Alan Cox

  3. Vivek

    November 6, 2008

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    Ahem…forgive the technicalities, but how exactly is a chick supposed to have balls? :-P…bad one…

  4. Ankur

    November 6, 2008

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    @Vivek: You know, there’s this thing called humor… (I’m very much aware of what I wrote.)


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