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Market Share of Email Services on the Web – Digital Inspiration

Market Share of Email Services on the Web – Digital Inspiration.

To all those using Gmail, I have a message.

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So we’re still talking about this. Man, you’ve got patience. One thing is for sure, those constant errors on the Yahoo! Mail interface on Firefox and WebKit sure are proof of the overloaded Yahoo servers, whether or not the number of users hogging on their CPUs have increased.

Yahoo Mail is in a place like Windows. You use it, you should know. I use it, I do know. If I were you I’d play that mp3 of yours for people using rediff, indiatimes and

@Abhishek: I’ve had absolutely no problems with Yahoo! Mail. I use Firefox. No errors. Ever. And I like the functionality of an interface which allows drag-and-drop and the ability to open multiple emails in tabs. Beat that using Gmail.

@ Ankur – Hmm Though I prefer Yahoo Mail!, The Chat Feature in GMail makes me log on to GMail more than Yahoo!

@Prateek: Yahoo! Mail also has in-built chat in mail, which connects to both Yahoo! and Windows Live / Hotmail. It also has the ability to convert a chat into an email and vice versa.

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