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Yodel Anecdotal » Stepping down

Yodel Anecdotal » Stepping down.

Jerry Yang has announced that he’ll be stepping down as the CEO of Yahoo! and going back to his role as…Chief Yahoo!. He sure did make Yahoo! more…purple. Moreover, a lot of cool stuff has been brought in by him on the technology front. It’s probably right for him to step down because what he does best is technology – which he has given to Yahoo! What Yahoo! sorely needs now is someone who can market all this brilliant stuff to the masses.

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@Abhishek: Nah. They’d probably just have spent months shifting from Unix to Windows servers and re-coding PHP to ASP.NET. That actually happened when Microsoft took over Hotmail.

Not without the support of the engineers who continue to work with Yahoo!

You should know that most MS download servers are on Unix. I somehow think, the opposite will happen. Y! Mail is larger than Hotmail as of now, so it wouldn’t be logical for Microsoft to shift to .NET servers.

I’m talking about a survival strategy. The downtime you faced today is just one of the many more to come.

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