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Download CBSE Class XII Projects

It’s that time of the year when in schools across the country teachers have started pestering students to submit their class 12th Board practical projects. Since I need to do a few good deeds before Christmas, I decided to put my computer science and chemistry projects. OK, not completely mine. Naman made a major portion of the computer project; as for chemistry, I never really did that one – simply ‘slurped’ off projects from others, smacked on my own formatting to make it looks loads cooler than their Comic Sans riff-raff, and submitted the thing somewhere around the very last days before the practicals.

  • CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Project (ZIP, ~619 KB):
    1. In the root folder of the archive you’ll find my ‘quizzing software’ (named Jabberwocky). Included is the source code for the text-only and ‘graphics’ version of the software (using graphics.h). I suggest people to show the former, because if you’re unable to answer questions about the Turbo C++ graphics library you’re screwed. I also included the project report cover and body (needed along with the project when you submit it) as a demo on what is to be written. However, I did not include editable versions since, well, you’ve the source code anyway. Also included is the final end-user package of the software which contains a library of quiz questions with the software can use.
    2. In the folder Rach’s Project, you’ll find…Rach’s project. I had no role to play in the making of that except for putting it up here. Contrary to popular belief, Rach says that he was not jacking off when creating the project (this rumor started because of the filenames he used). He says it’s because he’s a big fan of Jack Sparrow.
  • CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Project (ZIP, ~131 KB): I’ve included DOC and ODT versions of three different computer projects. The one on conductivity was what I eventually submitted. The one on rayon fibres is Rach’s.

Hope people find this useful. There are some other older posts of mine too which you may find useful.

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So I downloaded your project to see what it’s like (I’ve already done and submitted mine) … and it doesn’t seem to work. In the final end-user package, I get a divide error after I enter my name, age and sex … and the graphics one says something like ‘use initgraph’. Oh, and the graphics one also gives 9 errors in TC … hmm.

Oh and the salt analysis cheatsheet is pretty cool, it’ll be loads of help to me coz I’ve never really identified a salt properly! Thanks!

@Sahil: That’s odd. Does work at my end. Programs using graphics library of TC do end up throwing lots of weird errors; I faced this when I was working on it too. Oh, and you seem to’ve submitted your project quite early. :O

Anyways,I’ve heard all schools in India give their students the full quota of marks,i.e.30 marks,in the practical exams becoz they don’t want any of their own students to fail..;)

@Ashwin: They do that in many schools, like DPS VK too. But they do pester you to show projects and stuff, regardless of how much marks they eventually give.

@Smriti: If the format is already given at the link you mentioned, then why don’t you do it yourself? There’s hardly anything different…and do you really expect someone else to do your work for you?

my god!!!!! u saved me juss b4 d opening of school . i will b doing d rayon synthesis……whotsay????

In the non-graphics project of yours,I get a “divide” error after I enter user details…any idea how to solve that?

Hey…I opened ur project coz im working on a similar topic.
But it doesnt seem to work. After i enter my name, age and sex, it shows divide error? Is it because no questions are stored in the file??
Please help!! And what is the administator’s password?

That’s odd…you’re the second person to say that here. It worked fine when my partner and I made it. Maybe it’s some problem with your compiler. Does the error occur in both versions?

Hmmm.Well the graphics version does not open at all but that is because my compiler does not have that format.
I copied the source code (text version) on turbo C++ on 2 of the computers at my home and both the times the same error cropped up.Wierd!!
What do you suggest ?

Can you please upload some Physics demonstration Experiments? I really find your website useful. I downloaded the chem. proj. and I found it amazing cuz it had d observations too. Can you upload something like that for physics too!!!

Hey dude i also wanna upload some cool cbse based stuff for class XII,

like practicals data etc….

tell me how can i upload it,,,,


hey ankur,
i need a class 12 chemistry project .
please tell me that is your project is good enough to get full marks.
and suggest me some projects and sites where i can find them

hey ankur thnxs a billion man fr puttin ur prgrm up on the NET fr lazy ppl like me.

anyways i was just wonderin if u could tell me the passwords and othr imprtnt info i might need be4 actually runin the TEXT ONLY VERSION OF JABBERWOCKY



will you please give me a c++ project today which is easy to understand and do include header files like graphics.h and dos.h. please send that project to my e mail address for my board projects. i will be very thankful to you.

hey plzz…
amongst the three projects of chemistry which one is the simplest…Because my teacher know me that i couldn’t make it myself…and of course i have to prepare for viva from it also..

there are many guys who are referring to this site and other sites like this , so there is quiet a possibility that our projects are common. Do you think that might creat a problem in my marks ?

by the way thanx a ton for such great projects…

I haven’t found many people publishing their projects online, but I definitely know that my site is quite popular in this regard. So yeah, there’s a fair chance that someone might have used the same project.

As evident, these projects are a template. Ideally, you’d use this to understand how to go about writing a project but in case you want to use it, do make suitable changes to make it look different, maybe change the language at places.

can you help me by providing something about chemistry projects or the whole completed project or the websites from where i can get the useful stuff about the project

hey frds i want a project of physics so as to get good marks can u help me out. can as well suggest a site to get sample from or any help……….. i m in desparate need of it

hi friends!!

can you help me by telling something about chemistry projects for class 12 or the readymade project or the websites from where i can get the useful stuff about the project …please suggest if you know any reference…

Dude, thanks a million for uploading ur program online, i am not gonna plagarize but i needed some help on how the passwords are converted into asteriks as soon as we enter it onto our screens and ur prog has definitely helped me in that regard :)
I am living in Doha, Qatar studying in an Indian school and i am going to recommend this site to many ppl :D

Thanks, glad that you found it useful. I think that was done by having a printchar statement everytime a character was detected from keyboard. The code was written a long time ago so I don’t really remember but it should be clear enough when you read through the code. :)

I’d been searching for an accountancy project when I came across your science ones..
I think you;re a pretty cool guy to do all this!!

thanks a ton!! :D i was too lazy to do it myself so i really appreciate ur work.. all the best fr ur boards if u havent appeared already :)

Thanks a ton for all the help. Salt analysis is a big trouble to me. Try as I might I can never identify a salt (unless I get to know from the lab assistant). Thanks a lot for your help on that.

There are many students who hardly ever go to the physics lab and are in search of last minute readings for the experiments during the last few days before the practical exams. Your help will definitely be appreciated there.

With my board practicals just around the corner I am getting all worked up. I hope they go well… fingers crossed.

Anyway thanks again :)

I need a Ip project for Class XII is should be made using JAVA and MySQl

Where should i download it from ???
Need to submit it by next week !!!!!!
Please help ………

hey guys!

i need help with my informatics practices project..can some1 post some projects in java and my sql!! i need ur help guys..pls!!

hey can ne1 plz send me accountancy project asap ……… i need it befoe monday(10th)!!! plz plz plz help me its urgent…..

Guys, i need an accountancy project for class 12 urgently….. my accounts are not tallying!!! please help Asap… i need by october 13th….

i am a teacher of accounts of aps school i want 14 projects report question with solution and tell me the full procedure of project report please help me

Can u plz tell me whether my project file should contain print outs or it should be handwritten.
Nd is der a need to create a ppt presentation….????
plz….. relp asap………….. i need it soon… plz. plz. plz………….

hi, well I need a to prepare 2 projects in physics on any topic of 13 to 14 pages in total so can u pls help………

Hey… I want d readings of 12th cbse physics practical lab manual.. M in a big problem as my teachers r asking fr d file and i havent started it yet.. Cn u plz get me outta dis situation plz…

send me a physics practical on a nice,simple topic,fully prepared soon,plse help me,god’ll also help u 1 day….!!!!/

can you give me accounts project of class 11 that is 60 transaction and its journal entry, leadger,trial balance,P/L account and balance sheet

heyy….i just need a solved Accountancy comprehensive project for class 12th…
which should contain:-
1)Project intro.
2)Project objectives
3)Project story
7)Trial balance
8)Trding & P/L account
9)Balance sheet
10)All ratio`s solved
11)project report.

I hope you`ll help me in this,
i urgently need all of these stuff.

i want accounts project for class 12
journal,ledger,trial balance,trading and profit and loss acc. urgently

hi,….i am a student of 12th..i live in qatar and is stuck with my comprehensive project….i wanted to see ur sample project to see where i was wrong….the problem is my balance sheet is not talling…if i get a sample question other than that in my reader i could do a good job…hope to get help from..u

i ve made my accounts file for 12 but i dont kno its order to put……..plz tell me which page should be put first nd which after dat????

firstly, cool blog man! secondly, wish i had taken comp sc….had to spend ages doing a bio proj on my own, n thirdly ( n most importantly), d’u have a phys proj that i can pass off as my own?

thanks man!
chemistry and physics projects.. great!
and the org chem cheatsheet turned out to be very helpful.. great work!
you rock!

Hello Ankur,
I saw your chemistry projects they were great and helped me a lot.
Can you please give me some physics projects from the below list.
1. to study characteristics of npn transistor in common base
2. to construct a switch using a transistor
3. to study the various factors on which internal resistance depends

hello ankur…
can u plz provide me with the readings for experiment ” input and output characteristics of non transistor in common base circuit”.
plz ankur if u can arrange this mail it to me or post on this site….
Utkarsh Singhal

Respected sir,
I need a ip project on library management system with the netbeans n mysql codes. so i need ur help sir.
i wll be very much helpful if u help me n me hoping 4m ur side positive answers..please help me .

i Wanted a project on EMI in physics This is the really intresting one . One can do much things in it . I mean to say athat EMI including(Altenating Currents ) is a vast topic to study and had a great importance in boards and jee mains . so Making a project on it will help any student to learn it effectively

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