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Cannibals: “Japanese people taste the best – whites too salty”

By on Dec 27, 2008 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

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This should definitely be considered for the igNobel Prize. Researchers have found out that Japs taste the best, while whites leave a funny aftertaste in the mouth.

Why give this post this title when the actual post is about Keeper of the Keys’ tag? Because the news story is…dele(c)table. Read up more about the tag there. Here’s the basic rule:

The person who tags you gives you five different words and you have to make five pictures based on those words using MS-Paint only. After doing the tag, you have to tag 5 other people and give them 5 words for their pictures.

Let’s get started. I obviously don’t have MS-Paint, so I did it on The Gimp. (Note to self – v2.6.x series interface is much better than v2.4.x)

  1. Emma Watson
    Blast from the past? So fucking what? (In other news, she fears bankruptcy due to bar brawls bills. Eh? WTF? $15 mil can pay a lot of bills.)
  2. Twitter
    Twitter’s nice. Too bad that I expect it to declare bankruptcy sometime next year (or in 2010). Unless some knight in shining armour (rather, with loads of cash) saves them.
  3. MUN
    OK, I used a screenshot to illustrate my point. But ‘painting’ MUN isn’t really that easy after all. :|
  4. Spam
    Need to be a quizzer to understand this.
  5. Towel
    For a full story on how Saddam Hussein is using WMDs (in heaven), you need to hear George Bush on this matter.

My turn to tag now. Am going to reduce it to 4 people. (I waive off the clause where you need to use only MS Paint, because there are better alternatives out there.)


  1. Anuj

    December 29, 2008

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    Damn you hate my sister don’t you? Blah, leave her alone, all she ever did was tag you…


    Carry on, and will you get some popcorn for me?

  2. Espèra

    December 30, 2008

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    Jeez. Another one?
    That too when I suck at Paint/GIMP/Photoshop?

    (Although, when you meant “better alternatives” did you mean to include hand-drawn stuff?)
    BTW I like your velociraptors. From your, er, screenshot.

  3. Ankur

    December 30, 2008

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    @Espera: GIMP is very much usable for hand-drawings. You many tools and ways to draw, and much more customization. Although you might want to check out ArtRage for a nicer experience.

  4. Nids

    December 31, 2008

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    LOL, I rather like the Emma Watson one.
    You might just give Randall Munroe a run for his money. Might.

  5. Ankur

    December 31, 2008

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    @Nids: I won’t give that guy a run for his money, but if I get the chance to break into his house I’ll run away with his money.

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