Oscar Wilde would postively love this. A photo taken on my recent trip. Talk about bad product placement and this picture leaps out like an cute gargoyle. I missed out another interesting story about Kolkata (an earlier one) which I posted as a comment.

I don’t hate drinking tea. Masala chai at Chandernagore put me in a dilemma. That is, until I found out that the masala used is Hajmola! That prompted another laughing fit. So it wasn’t the tea-bit which was good after all. Chocolate-flavored soan papri was quite innovative.

Speaking of Bongs, the Great Bong made a blog post which was taken down quite soon. I leave you with a screenshot for one parting laughing fit.


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Err… oops! I an actually a n00b when it comes to HTML. I must have forgotten to close the tag.

The strikethrough is meant only for Tyres. Do edit that comment, and remove the strikethrough.

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