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Guest blogged by Anuj. (Yes, the migration continues. This is, obviously, a very old post.)

My board result is coming out on this Thursday (today), actually I didn’t know that it was this Thursday but a lot of people were asking me about it and they told me that it’s coming out this Thursday. Frankly I am not feeling any pressure or anything at all in fact I am feeling like I usually do bored, detached with a dull throbbing pain in the background. It simply doesn’t matter to me whether I achieve 100 in all the subjects or I fail, it doesn’t matter to me at all.

I’ll tell you why, does it really matter? I mean each and everyone of these hypocrites who go about asking the performance of others and displaying their mark sheet as a medal of honor fail to grasp one thing, it’s just a piece of paper. You may have worked hard for it, you may have even cheated for it but in the end it’s just a sheet of paper and it has whatever value you attach to it nothing more and nothing less. I tend not to judge my value by such things rather I judge their value on my own discretion, that’s the thing I don’t like how can a piece of paper become a yardstick for the value of a human in the eyes of others. I decide what’s my value not it and I decide what’s its value no the other way around.

People don’t understand this, and as usual double standards apply. Those very same people who ask me if I am expecting a 95% are left mumbling when I turn around and ask them how much did they get. Moreover, I fail to understand the concept of I will get x if I score above this y% I don’t expect anything from anybody for my marks. If you seek a stamp from others for your own worth and you barter yourself like this then you are the most worthless pile of carbon on earth, utterly useless. Does this society realize that it’s headed for disaster? Rather than encouraging knowledge they are encouraging rote, rather than encouraging merit they’re encouraging some hideous monstrosity of collectivism.

They don’t know it yet but they’re at the edge of failure; that paradox between the rich and the poor why do you think it exists? The same monstrosity that gave birth to the CBSE system gave birth to that, it’s the same monster the word called society*. I fail to see a future for a nation or any “society” which systematically fails to nourish reason in its future citizens; instead they teach them to accept ideas without questioning the principle behind them. This tendency which has been fed into people is one of the most powerful weapons of collectivism, whenever I ask people why they just shrug and say that’s the way it is. Realizing that there’s a flaw is the key to break free from this nonsense, in order to live you need to break free. It’s not something that can be dealt in ifs or buts. It’s a must.

Failure or success in such a system is of little value to me that’s why I don’t care; it took me a month to realize this. The greatest triumph of my life will not be in some examination hall. No it will be in front of my inventions and my love. I create therefore I am.

*By society I mean their concept of it, mine is rather different.
I live by my own rules and standards if you value your marks and see them as a litmus test for your character then fine it says something about you. At the end of the day you have worked for it & you are free to do whatever you want. After all, isn’t the journey the reward?

If you didn’t get what I said then see this video, just look at that man’s face; this is what I want to be; this is what I want to do with my life. If you get that kick out of CBSE mark sheet, then its okay as it’s your life and you’re free to choose.

In short I want to create not regurgitate; learning is important regurgitation is not. Life’s exactly like what Picasso said; “Good artists copy; great artists steal”. You shamelessly expose yourself to the best of humankinds achievements and learn the why & how behind them and then apply it to the problem in order to create a work of art; I have learnt what I needed to learn, have you?

PS: I am not an empty Thums Up bottle.

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You know that’s EXACTLY how i’ve always felt!:D

Marks never bothered me tht much, what bothered me was whether i understood/not understood.

Because of this whole system tht relies on memorizing, i chose to do A levels instead. (i have the worst memory on the entire planet!!)
My mom thought I was crazy!
No doubt, the level of education is much lower, but i’m actually learning, being challenged, doing practicals! :)

Just ‘discovered’ your blog, it’s really good!keep it up ;)

you shud get a life
As the examination by cbse is disliked by u guys coz it requires memorizing and when u have a conceptual jee u got probs wih that too
g8 out of the warped view that u have attained nirvana and have achieved intelligence above cbse then pray,suggest an alternate system
Criticize, one must but not giving alternate solutions one mustn’t
If u have a viable alternate system not prone to misuse please enlighten us

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