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Eat Your Sardines

By on Feb 6, 2009 in Food For Thought, Stop The Press | 0 comments

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Bus slogan generator

"Coddammit, that's not what I told you to paint!"

The Atheist Bus Campaign has provided much food for thought to people around the world. This is no way happening in India any time in the future, given all the senile senes doing the rounds. I am certain that if somebody did muster up the courage to start a similar campaign in India – despite the right to freedom of speech that we (apparently) have here – then there will be a general outrage against ‘the destruction of Indian culture’. Just writing this line makes me feel like reviewing a few Dawkins books. In fact, I’ll do that some time in the future.

The campaign is also providing some light moments. The Bus Slogan Generator allows you to create slogans akin to the Atheist Bus campaign. Got something witty to say but not enough pocket money to plaster it across the city? Now you can fake it.

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