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“The Truth Is Out There”

By on Apr 4, 2009 in Food For Thought | 4 comments

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Guest blogged by Anuj on May 16, 2008.

There are a few things that fascinate me more than unlocking the secrets of the human brain and part and parcel of this is my fascination with mind control. Now you must be probably rolling your eyes at this very instant. However I would like to point out one thing, it isn’t new, have you heard of something called religion or it’s twin patriotism? Thought so, what do you call that? Doesn’t society try to mold you? Don’t they try to control your behavior? Are you truly as free as you think you are? Now do you understand my fascination?

The thing is that as we have been doing it for a long, long time in one way or another it doesn’t really make any difference if you get “coercive” about it. I want to understand it because I want to counter it, I need to understand an attack before creating the foil. This is what this post is about, it’s about me organizing my attempt to understand mind control.

What is it?

What is mind control? Well it’s pretty obvious from the term itself that you intend to control other humans minds, the main point is how do you go about it? Well mind control was first systematically used by the Chinese against their own people, yes they’ve been at it for a long time by now. Then they used it against American soldiers during the Korean war, interestingly enough the technique isn’t very different from the normal forces society.

So how do you go about doing this? Well I am not interested in reinventing the wheel so I am quoting the following from here: [Editor’s note: Copied text has been removed. You can read it up on Wikipedia]


So this is how you go about it, now you may realize that it’s not exactly an easy process. You have to change the fundamental nature of the subjects reality in order to do it, this takes time. So how about using a chemical substance, which alters the brains functioning in a fundamental manner, to do the grunt work for you? Well the CIA did exactly this, in a project called MKULTRA which was started in the early 1950s by the CIA to investigate mind control and everything related to it. In a sub-project called Operation Midnight Climax they set up brothels in CIA safehouses, and encouraged prostitutes on the CIA payroll to bring back costumers to them, their midnight, ahem “sessions” were taped behind one way mirrors while the field agent(the prostitute) gave them the wide range of chemicals under study. This allowed them a carte blanche to operate on as people aren’t usually going to talk about experiences they had in a brothel, hence they were able to test out the drug in a very efficient and airtight manner. I love these brilliant scum-bags, unethical but brilliant.

Their initial studies focussed on LSD and due to it’s uncontrollable nature it was dismissed by them, instead they started using barbiturates and amphetamine on the subjects. The barbiturates were first used and before the subject was asleep the amphetamine was given and the subject would be open to interrogation. Till what extent it was useful is a bit unclear as well, guess what, most of the documents were destroyed before being declassified. Anyway they performed other experiments involving heroin, morphine, temazepam, mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, marijuana, alcohol, and sodium pentothal. They even tried their hand at hypnosis, they used to create anxieties in the subjects and implant false memories in order to make them sing like a canary. Yet again we don’t know how far was it successful and how much information was obtained by this method.

In short this is just the tip of the iceberg, MKULTRA was just the start and it certainly isn’t the end. I would give anything to know what succeeded it and what are they up to now. If they were thinking along this trajectory in the damn ’50s what are they up to today??

“No Man Is An Island”

My english teacher loves to say this to me and frankly I disagree. I am an island, in my world I am the judge, the jury, and the executioner; I will die for the people I love but I won’t live for them. This trait, I think makes me more resilient to social tactics. I mean it’s not a exactly a big secret that I don’t fit in anywhere, because I can’t I don’t want to. This is the key to defeating mind control, individual thinking, but to what extent does it work against an organized technological attack is beyond my ability to access due to lack of date. That’s why I said the truth is out there, I would give anything to learn about it, to understand it and tinker with it. However the chances are that I may never get close to it.


  1. Prannoy Sablok

    April 4, 2009

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    The chemical substance was LSD as far as I remember. The twisted american intelligence even extended it to psychological torture and used it in the afghanistan war.

  2. Ankur Sethi

    April 4, 2009

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    I think I agree with your English teacher. You spend your life reading, watching, communicating – and every time you do that you change yourself just a little bit. Do you think a person shut in a box his entire life is going to have any noteworthy thoughts? Every time you read a book or watch a movie or talk to someone new, you take away with you a large amount of sensory data that re-shapes your thoughts and opinions – your entire personality.

    Everything you are, you are because of other people. Granted, you judge things logically instead of going with your gut feeling, but I’m sure even this tendency of judging things logically was picked up from your environment.

    I think it would be an understatement to say that H2G2, and thus Douglas Adams, has significantly affected Ankur’s personality :p.

    • Ankur

      April 7, 2009

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      I think it would be an understatement to say that H2G2, and thus Douglas Adams, has significantly affected Ankur’s personality.

      You bet. :D

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