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“Jaat Risky Aftar Wisky”

By on Apr 14, 2009 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

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Call centre cab

"Jaat Risky Aftar Wisky"

I came across this hilarious slogan on a BPO centre cab on my way to the British Council Library. The picture is not that clear so just in case you can’t read what’s written I mentioned it in the image caption. Lest anyone start asking questions along the line of “How dumb can one be to admit driving under influence out his own free will?”, the call centre cab company in question also a listed a complaint number to listen in to valuable feedback on the effects of whiskey from fellow road drivers. To top it off, the Must Munda is virtual middle finger to any Bhith You, Phor You, Albej cops standing by and watching.

And guess what? This slogan beats the fucking shit out of ‘Blow Horn, Use Dipper At Night‘. Except when it comes to picture quality.

Original photo upload – “Jaat Risky Aftar Wisky” – at my photo gallery.


  1. Espèra

    April 17, 2009

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    That is so hilarious!
    It even beats a caption I saw once: “Sikh Boy”

    (which got points for weirdness, not for humour.)

    • Ankur

      April 17, 2009

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      Haha, that reminds me of the latest ‘Fishsticks’ joke in South Park, but that joke is probably ‘incompatible’ with girls. BTW, where was this “Sikh” joke that you saw – matrimonial columns? We got an assignment in English class once where we had to write classified ads, and for that we were given newspapers and told to see ads of each type. So there was this weird matrimonial ad:

      70-year old gentleman looking for life partner blah blah blah…

      Needless to say that after coming across this joke I didn’t let anyone else work because I was laughing for the rest of the duration of the class.

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