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Down For Maintenance

By on Apr 15, 2009 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Guest blogged by Anuj on May 5 2008.

I won’t be posting on my blog for a while, which roughly should be about 10 days until my vacations start; then I will be churning out a post a day. So come back on the 16th or grab my RSS feed.

Anyhoo, my life is a roman tragedy, S1M0NE is dead for the time being as the Liberian is taking a frikkin’ month to get the book we need. Then there’s the fact that we need to figure out what the hell the book is saying, then we have to translate to what we have to do and fill in the gaps in our understanding of the task. Basically the basic algorithm, what we have to do and how to do it is in place, we just need to understand the crucial modeling aspect of it and what values to pass. Hey, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but we have to get this done.

On the other hand I have come up with a design of an intelligent suspension system or an iSuspension, yes I am a shameless Apple hack. The thing is that if we can figure out how to make a production model of this thing, it will change the world. It’s going to be the next insanely great thing in military robotics. I am thinking about getting some sponsors and competing with the folks at iRobot, they may be brilliant people; I’ve met one of the founders, he is a genius . However, I think that I have something they don’t. I think that I can create a cheap, affordable solutions for any military in the world (I sell to the highest bidder), what this will help to create is one of the cheapest robotic weapon platforms on the market, a durable product that’s so modular that we can make it do anything the customer wants.

What I am doing right now is a crusade, it’s a crusade against the status quo. Against all of those friktards who can’t see an insanely great thing even when it dances the cancan in front of them. I am going to make a dent so big in this universe that I will change it’s functioning. Otherwise why even be here?

Sorry for being so incoherent but the small dose of acid I took is really screwing me up, I will rewrite this later. I had the most amazing psychedelic experience, ever. I saw my true love in it, in really wonderful psychedelic colors, insanely great, eh?

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