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Vote for South Park!

By on Apr 20, 2009 in Reviews, Stop The Press | 0 comments

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GRAFARC wins a Webby!
Creative Commons License photo credit: otherthings – the official website of award-winning TV series South Park – has been nominated for a Webby Award in Entertainment (Humor) category! The Webby Awards are the ‘Internet-equivalent’ of the Oscars, previous winners being the Who’s Who of the online world. Webby Awards is famous for its acceptance speech rules: the acceptance speech by any winner must be no longer than five words. (I believe the rules may be changed to make it ‘140 characters’, IF Twitter finds a business model AND becomes a sponsor of the Webby Awards.) I wonder what Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to say when (if) they win this award. can also win a Webby People’s Voice Award. (One set of Webby Awards is chosen by a jury, another set is based on votes from the general public who vote online on Webby website.) You’ve time to vote till 30th April, and then the results will be declared on 5th May. So all South Park fans (and even if you aren’t a fan) please go and vote now for South Park! If you don’t, I’ll come over to each one of my readers who doesn’t vote and kick them squaw in the nuts. is beautifully designed and offers a lot of ‘stuff’ for fans too. You can watch complete episodes of ALL shows online, watch shorter clips (embed them on your site even), create your own South Park avatar, download ‘crap’, discuss with others on forums, get behind-the-scenes news, […I’m running out of breath now…], ask questions directly to the creators of the show…[drops due to exhaustion]. My point is, there’s a LOT on the site – and it’s definitely funny.

I’ll leave you with a joke from a recent South Park episode Fishsticks (it only works with guys):

Q: Do you like fishsticks?
A: Yes
Q: Do you like putting fishsticks (pronounce as ‘fishdicks’) in your mouth?
A: Yes
Q: Then what are you, a gay fish?

RAPPER KANYE WEST WAS PARODIED IN THIS EPISODE AND HE WROTE A RESPONSE ON HIS BLOG IN ALL CAPS. In the episode’s climax, Kanye West has an epiphany and realises that he’s a gay fish. That whole song was sung by Trey Parker. Listen to complete, uncensored version of the song Gay Fish by Trey Parker (so hilarious!).

I’m seriously. Just go and vote for South Park.

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