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In Memoriam – Akul Sareen

By on Apr 25, 2009 in Personal | 7 comments

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Akul Sareen


Life can be cruel at times. It is painful for the student community as a whole when a young life is cut short by tragic circumstances. Akul Sareen of Delhi Public School, Dwarka went on to a much more peaceful world on Monday, 20th April 2009.

As someone who knew him, from the computer symposium and quizzing circuit, I am saddened by this tragic loss. I offer my condolences to his loved ones and schoolmates. I am sure that my fellow Code Warriors, members of other computer and quiz clubs who knew him, and all of my readers will join in in remembering a brilliant guy like Akul Sareen.

May he rest in peace.


  1. Aditya Chitral

    April 25, 2009

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    For him another hundred millions suns…Spent my 14 years with him. Infant to 12th same class,same seat lol same interests. The same quiz team,the same football team. Same love and the thousand splendid things in him.

  2. Vivek Nair

    April 26, 2009

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    Sad…and to think that I was trying to find a pic of the Grim Reaper for a project just a few minutes ago. Me, I don’t believe in R.I.P. Wherever he is, hope he’s rocking and enjoying himself.

  3. Ankur

    April 28, 2009

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    I contacted Facebook to memorialize Akul’s account. That ensures that an account will never be deleted due to inactivity. People can still continue to make wall posts. Facebook acted on this request and the account has now been memorialized.

  4. Nishant Khanna

    May 17, 2009

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    I am so glad there are uncountable people missing my Akul.
    I always knew that he was one of the smartest people in our family, one of the most clever ones and even the most fun person to be around him.
    I miss you way too much to put it into words.
    Me and the rest of our family and ur friends are sure that u found the best and the most comfy spot somewhere up there.
    love u as a cousin, a brother, a friend, and a diaper buddy who u grew up with, had piss wars, fought with each other, fought with others, went on rides even though we didnt know how to drive a car, and all the fruit-beer we drank :]
    miss u greatlyy
    and i’m sure we’ll all meet you again once more.
    You’re a person who has changed my life and i will be always looking up to you bhai.
    LOVE U
    MISS U
    take care up there..

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