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My Bad

By on Apr 26, 2009 in On A Whim | 0 comments

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Guest blogged by Anuj on April 23, 2008.

I am taking this medicine called ‘Sinarest’, which is basically an anti-allergic. However it may clear up my nasal passage but it somehow manages to block my brain, it’s so potent that you can’t think straight after taking it all you have this giddy feeling which will be cured by going to sleep; kinda like taking LSD, but at a very, very low dosage and no hallucinations. Anyway, my mind kept on dozing off throughout the day and I had to pull myself back to holy tundra. The result of this is obvious in the following cases:

The list continues, well I am certain that I won’t take it tomorrow so a repeat shouldn’t happen, stress on the should as you know, I am Anuj, I am unique and thus open to any possible exception. However, seriously today was my bad; I just discovered the phrase my bad today.

Anyhow, I had a heavenly time in the Naraina coaching today. I mean it was wonderful, I learnt everything I have wanted to learn since childhood, it was simply amazing, I’ll post the details on it later, after I get back from eating lunch. Sorry, my bad.

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