‘No Elephants Allowed’ Traffic Sign

No Elephants Allowed Road Sign
Maneka Gandhi should be informed about this discrimination taking place against animals - and that too such blatantly!

I came across this traffic sign near the Engineers India Limited office in Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. I’m not sure, but I think the Bhikaji Cama Place traders’ association must have an annual raffle for the goofiest signs around (re: Engineers India Limited). Dilli policewallahs might have misunderstood the raffle rules – and erected signs of their own. And it’s not just one sign – there are 4-5 effing same ‘No Elephants Allowed’ signs in that area near Hyatt Regency. I can picture the frantic calls from police vans right now: “Officer, get some goddamn RPG launchers here already! There’s a ponderous pachyderm backing into the Hyatt Regency driveway without any tail-lights on!”

Honestly, it’s this kind of stuff which still propagates the belief foreigners have that India is a land of snake charmers and mahouts with elephants. When Delhi Traffic Police has to put up signs to prevent elephants from walking into a major commercial office hub. It Happens Only In India™! I wonder how common an occurrence this is to warrant such a measure. Workers of offices located in Bhikaji Cama please shed some light here. ;)

No Elephants Allowed Traffic Sign was originally posted on my photo gallery.

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Haha, lol!
I saw a few elephants on the road yesterday while coming back from my exam … so maybe it’s not all that uncommon …
But you’re completely right about this being the kind of stuff makes foreigners think that India has snake charmers and mahouts with elephants etc

I saw it today!
I was asking my mother if she’d ever seen them when she spotted a no-horse-drawn-carts-allowed sign. And then we saw the no-elephants-allowed one. She said it might mean that you aren’t allowed to trumpet/ no heavy vehicles allowed but I doubt the common guy can think so much.

Don’t see the elephant trumpeting there. And AFAIK no horns allowed / no heavy vehicles allowed have traffic signs of their own. Or I think so.

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