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VITEEE 2009 results are out

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) entrance exam results are out! The results for VITEEE 2009 was scheduled to be declared on 9th May 2009, but they went ahead and released it early. Check your VITEEE 2009 results here.

A lot of people are asking about whether they’ll be able to get the course of their choice in VIT based on their rank. For rank 5000 or higher, you don’t need to worry because you’ll get pretty much everything you want. Rank 5000-9000 will probably get the course you want, except that towards the lower end of this range you might not get ‘hot’ courses such as electronics or computers. Then in further rounds of VIT counselling candidates with ranks up to 12000-13000 are called. Any rank lower than that would not be called for counselling – but wish you luck for the remaining exams! Also, some people seem to be interested in donation seats at VIT. Don’t go for it. VIT is a good university to get into if you’ve got a rank and the course of your choice, but it makes absolutely no sense to pay through your nose to get a donation / management quota seat.

This undoubtedly seems to be an effort by VIT to one-up SRM. SRM’s entrance exam SRM EEE 2009 is to be held tomorrow (3rd May 2009), with results coming out on 14th May. Now that SRM has been ranked as the top private university in India by Education Times, these two would obviously try to fight out to net students as early as possible. (Remember that India Today has previously given the top spot among private universities to VIT.) Naman informs me that ‘VIT’ (and related terms) is the top trending search term on Google Trends right now.

On a lighter note, we’ve got to convince universities to stop including obviously posed-for photos in their brochures… ;)

SRM engineering brochure
This was screen-grabbed from SRM's PDF on engineering courses, computer science department

Interested in knowing what branch your all India rank / state rank in AIEEE can get you? Click here.

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i m getting AIR-411 in vit 2009.
wat sort of branch may i take.
rply plz………..

Mine rank in Vitee 2009 is 36061………Will i get admission in that……Rep soon plz…

In 2008, VIT called till around rank 12000-13000 for counseling, so I’m sorry to say that you won’t get through. However, I guess you still have quite a few exams left, so you can prep for them!

Hello Ankur,

I am securing a rank 4478.
What chances to get Electrical or CSE.

Thanks in Advance.

am getting an air of i have hopes of getting through biotechnology as an option????

In 2008, VIT called till around rank 12000-13000 for counseling, so I’m sorry to say that you won’t get through. However, I guess you still have quite a few exams left, so you can prep for them. Best of luck!

hi….my viteee rank is 4399…what courses could i possibly get?i mean among ECE,EEE,C.SC,IT etc.
plz help…

sir mah rank is 30395..vil i get admisn in vit…if not den is dere ne back door option….i thnk if 15,000 students go 2 srm,IIT, BITS, AIEEE den mah rank vil b 15,000…so can i get admisn den…n if nt den wid 15ooo rank vil i hv ne back door option???…is diz possibl???…plzzzz reply soon sir…thank u…

With your rank, you’ll probably not get VIT. As mentioned, it also doesn’t make sense to pay exorbitant amounts of money and then get into VIT. I’m not aware of the cutoffs for SRM so I’m not sure whether your score will get you through.

Private colleges ask for around Rs 16-40 lakh for donation seats depending on how low your rank is and which course you want to join. In addition to that, you also have to pay tuition fees, hostel fees, etc. While VIT is a good college to get into if you’ve a good rank, it doesn’t make sense to spend around Rs 20-50 lakh for studying there.

You might not get high in demand courses like computers and electronics, but you’ll probably get ones like IT, chemical, civil, etc.

sir which 1 is gud- VIT, SRM or IP???

n sir plzzzzzzz tel me if dere r ne forms for biotech of ne gud n reputed institute available or not???…plzz temme sir???…n sir wot waz d cut-off of srm last yr???

IP is easier to get into that either VIT or SRM, if that’s what you want to know. I would club VIT, SRM and Manipal into the same category – excellent infrastructure, OK academics. IP it depends on which college you get, but generally the infrastructure and academics both are lower the three institutes mentioned above. But IP is also easier to get into.

thank u sir…n wot waz d cut-off of SRM last yr…due u thnk dat diz tym it b a bit difficult dan d previous yr as diz yr v had -ve markings…bt last yr dere were no -ve markings…so d cut-off vil vary 2 a larger extent???…plzzzzzz reply sir as ur ans r very clear n to the point…thank u sir…

I honestly have no idea what the cutoff for SRM was last year – and there isn’t any data on it available online either. People seriously started considering SRM this year onwards, after it was given rank 1 among private universities by Times of India. Of course, cutoff score would be significantly lower because of the fact that there was negative marking this year.

i got 3660 rank
what are my chances in all streams
esp electrical and comp science
plz reply

Please read the article, it’s mentioned there. Yes, you’ll probably get what you want. If not computer science, then at least electrical, et al.

sir,i want a blunt answer…..i have got 3883 rank in VIT……..can i get CSE???…………and are top IP colleges like USIT,MAIT and BVP delhi better than VIT??

No, I would never say that IP colleges are better than VIT. VIT is definitely better than that. As for CSE, you probably will get that. The only reason why I can’t say for certain is because your rank is near the cutoff rank for CSE (around 4000).

hello sir iam a very week student.i studied really hard anf finally manged to get a rank of 15129 in VIT 2009.Do i get any branch in vit if yes what do i get.
with my rank how much do i need to pay for ec.
VIT is my only hope.iam sure i will not get any thing else so please help me out,Do reply

Thanks in advance

In last year’s counselling the closing ranks at VIT for admission was 12000-13000, so with 15000 you won’t get through in VIT. However, I guess you still have quite a few exams left, so you can prep for them. Best of luck!

sir,how many counselling sessions do VIT actually have???

and when does their second,third(if any) counselling takes place………because i fear it might clash with DCE counselling or IP counselling…………..apart from that is it necessary to join on the first date of academics session……after attending counselling…..

Date of counselling at VIT varies from year-to-year. Check VIT website for the dates this year. VIT generally has three rounds of counselling.

fill da form…den study for it…..
study hard…n if u has done dat…n still can’t crack dat1….so ask ankur sir….he’ll giv ur exm…

sir ihave got 7364 in vit . what are my chances 4 ECE & civil in da 1st counselling
reply soon

Sir i’m getting 10223 rank in vit…..which stream can i get there? Can i get IT ? Is civil good in vit?. and lastly do v have mechanical at vit ?

VIT does have Mechanical. You might not get IT though. As far as teaching standards are concerned VIT is strictly OK in most courses.

I would suggest you not to base your course choice decisions on the basis of the ‘package’ you’ll be getting. Seriously, there’s no way of ensuring that you get into a good company other than your own hard work.

sir can u let me know which branch is having max scope nowadays
also which is better to take mech,civil or ECE at vit(placementwise)

is it better to take civil or electronics & instrumentation at vit. whose faculty is good?

sir i m from up & expecting around 195 marks in aieee from general category. is there any hope 4 me to get NIT ALLAHBAD under state quota

from up & expecting 193 in aieee and also 7400 in vit.
is there any hope better than vit 4 me in aieee
reply soon

i got 5439 in vit,which streams i will get n pakka tell me will i get ece surely without no doubt

sir what can i get with 9508 rank in vit and iam getting 190 in iit what should i do?????????????


are u insane or out of ur mind…
dont show off okay.
if ur getting into iit then why even care for vit..
god save u…

hey there…..m gettin 190 marks in iit,302/432 in aieee,264/315 in srm & got 2224 rank in viteee,what should i take??if iit,then what & which iit can i get at dis rank?

You’ve done pretty well is most! What I would suggest is: a) Go for VIT instead of SRM, you’ll get any course you want. VIT has better reputation than SRM. The only reason that I’m comparing this way is because you WILL get the course you want in both colleges. b) I’m not sure which NITs you’ll get. What course do you want to do? c) Definitely don’t go for IITs. At this score, you’ll be towards the end of the main list or in extended merit (former is more likely). So you probably won’t get a course you want in IIT.

career launcher has said iit cutoff will b arnd 150, wouldn’t somethin lyk iit punjab be better dan vit or srm?also,i want 2 do mba so it doesn’t really matter which stream i take,only d college name is imp,atleast dis is wat i was told by somebody,isn’t it so?

By the time you graduate IIT Punjab should have a good reputation. But if what you really want to do is MBA, then why not do BBA now and then MBA after that?

If your ultimate aim is MBA, then how does college make a difference? You anyway have to get into MBA institutes by giving their test, not you college marks – and all you need is a bachelor’s degree. So go for the university where you’re getting a course of your choice. Although I’d still suggest that doing a BBA is more sensible.

but puneet man,wouldn’t any iit b a better option dan vit cse seeing that i hav 2 do mba?

sir i am getting 10701 in vit tell me can i have electrical and instrumentation ot it…i know dat i cant get good streams wid dis rank..but is my other branches secured..sir..actually im from north n if their are chances den ill chennai is 2 far from dehradun ..please reply im also getting 217/315 in srm..but just 142 in aieee..tell me sir..ill wait for u

hello sir reply me plzz……….
i got 5439 rank in vit …..would get seat in vit n which streams will i get …….n can i get ece or cse …reply me soon plzzzzzz

sir ,what branch can i get at AIR 5175(viteee 2009) at VIT?
can i get mechanical engineering?

sir my vit rank is about i won’t get through it.But for outside delhi region candidates what would be marginal rank for a good college in IP.

SIR MY RANK IS 14477 in VIT 2009.Do i get any branch in vit if yes what do i get.

i dont think we will get..sorry to say..but me too in the same boat…hope i get chance in srm or kiit??u given any of these????

I got 13976 rank in Vit THIS yeraar–2009…what are my chances of getting mechanical Engineering in VIT?????
i hope they have increased the seats this year….

and another question..which college would be better…SRM..VIT >OR kalinga institute of industrial technology???/please reply…

Mechanical engineering? None at all. You’d be lucky to get through in any branch, because your rank is lower than cutoff of last year. Order of universities would be VIT > SRM > Kalinga.

my rank is 10977
can i hope for getting any of the biotech courses offered for the bio students??
plz rply

hello rahul….you will surely get mechanical branch….i can tell that for sure bcz i myself is a student of VIT……

what can i get with 10305 rank in vitee…..plz reply me sir…..i think seats have bin increased this year so which stream will i get to be exact

i hv got a rank 10610 in VITEEE 2009 and according to some analysis n stuff i would be eligible for following courses if called for counselling,
1. Electronics and Instrumentation
2. Civil
3. Chemical
I would jus lik to know if these courses are worth doing from VIT or should i leave it as for last option??


but at this pt. of time i can take any branch cause i messed up with all my xams n dun want to drop one year..
wid 170 in AIEEE wht could i expect?? I wanted CSE/Mech/EEE but i think these won’t be available.. :(
plz help… i have BITSAT still remaining.. plz giv me some tips or something tht could help…


Dear sir,

I have secured a rank of 3271 in viteee. Am I eligible for the following courses:
1) Computer science.
2) Electronics and Communication.

Prannoy. vit rank is der ne chance of gettin a good branch???if yes den vch ones…or can i get mechanical???
plzz reply..thanks

It will be difficult to get a good branch. Wait for VIT second round of counselling to start, they’ll tell you at that time seats are available in which course.

i got an Air 6894 in viteee 2009.
can i get biomedical engineering
course here at the vit university?

another question,

if i would have got same rank(6894)
in viteee 2008,then would i have
got any biotech courses.

sir is there any chance of getting ECEat 7364 in vit?
is there good scopes 4 electronics & instrumentation & IT(placementwise)

sir i have got 7364 rank in vit.Is there any hope 4 me to get mechanical engg?
reply soon plz.

sir i am getting 10701 in vit can i get electronics and instrumentations….wid dat and im getting 217/315 in srm which one have good chances

hi ankur sir,

i had a talk with u last evening.
i just want to ask u as to on
what basis can u say that a
student getting a rank of 6894
will a biotech course???

hope to get a positive reply.

thanks in advance

i have got 7808 rank in viteee 2009,can i get a biotech seat.can a get a seat.

hi VIT rank is 2895,is there any chances of getting C.S.E in VIT.

with regards,

sir…tell me about KALINGA(kiit) in short ..on the basis of placement,infrastructure,teaching standard..which one is better?SRM OR KALINGA…PLZ REPLY SOON SIR.

i have got rank 7808 rank in viteee per your reply i get biotech.if i opt for a biotech or bio-informatics or bio medical,which would you think will be a better career option.
looking for a posetive response.!!
thank you.

i’ve got 5583 rank at vit…
i’m really confused as to which branch i should opt for …. i know there are very less chances for cs,but can u plz tell me which r the best branches in vit?(i mean in terms of placements and oppurtunities)

sir i hav one more ques….is vit really better thn nit durgapur?says so in the ranking(although i really doubt it)..


i got 108/240 mark in Manipal
uget-09(mathematics) do i stand a
chance ? plzzzz reply

sir.i m getting 150/315 in srmeee, is there any chance for selecton.And sir pls tell me that srm is approved by AICTE

sir i hav one more ques… vit really better thn nit durgapur?says so in the ranking of top colleges in india(although i really doubt tht)

sir..which will be better college…?SRM or vit ..justify ur reason also sir…waiting for ur reply sir.

my rank is 12167 im frm bio stream can i get biotech
at what time conselling will be held for such rank

Maybe. It’ll be difficult since your rank is close to the cutoff. But then again, I’ve heard seats have increased at VIT this year so you might have a chance.

sir at what time will i be called & r u sure they extend their list till this rank

I don’t know about Amrita University, but it doesn’t have much of a name beyond southern India. About SRM, I’m sure you’ve receied their brochure when you applied for the exam. Read it.

my rank is it possible to get addmission in vit throuh 2nd round counselling ? pl. reply soon.

sir..i would like to know which college will be better?kalinga or amrita,coimbatore.plz reply soon sir…extremly uRGENT.

ankur ,

can u confirm that a student
getting a rank of 7000 and
getting into bio medical
engineering? i want to know it.
on what basis do u say that he (of
rank 7000) can also get biotech,as
directed in ur early reply????


i got 2318 rank in srm …can i get cse or IT or ece in the main campus… plz reply!!!!


My rank in SRMEEE 2009 is 1669.
Will i get Mechanical/mechatronics/ECE?

Sir . I have got ranks of 10500 in Viteee , 3980 in srm and 4414 in Amrita.
I also got a score of 120 in manipal .

I would like to know my chances in these colleges and your advice on the colleges.

Thank you.

Will I get at least Mechanical/Electrical in SRM main campus with rank 4126 ? Please tell me sir. I will plan accordingly. PLEASE.

I have got 11600 rank in VIT, 1160 in Amrita and 123 in manipal. What are your views about the best option of the above? I am interested in any electronics related branch. Your advice please.

dear sir,
my vit 2009 rank is 11318.
can i get good branch there.
i have heard that vit has increased 800 seats this year.
so what’s the possibility after removing all the niit, ians and iit’ians.
waiting for your reply.

What do you mean by a ‘good’ branch? There’s no such thing as a ‘good’ branch – there are just branches you want and branches you don’t. Having said that, you won’t get most high cutoff courses with your rank. Don’t count on people being weeded out because they also have ranks in IITJEE / AIEEE.

sir..tell me about KIIT it good or is it better than that of SRM? is siksha o anusandhan university,bhubaneshwar.. on basis of it better than SRM?

hi sir…..someone 2day just told me it’s not worth going to vit as the courses there r not AICTE approved. Is it true?they also told me the highest packages at vit also have not been very high this year…..i suppose u must be knowing abt this all… plz tell me is it worth going to vit for a person getting 10000 rank there?

Look, what kind of packages you get is decided by how properly you study in college. During an interview they aren’t going to ask you your VITEEE rank, they’ll be looking at your college GPA. So it’s totally up to you what kind of job you get. VIT is a recognized university under a UGC Act, so its courses are recognized. A very simple ground rule to decide whether a university is recognized or not is to check if its website ends with ‘’. That doesn’t mean that ones without aren’t recognized, but it means that anything which does have is definitely recognized.

my viteee rank is 2861!!
and i m bio student!!
will i get biotech or informatics!!
last year i get 3212!!and got biomedical only!!

i just want to know that a person
who gets a rank of 6894 in 2009,
can he get biomedical .when u went
to vellore last year, how many seats
were available for bmi branch??
thanks . do reply

hey dude!! be happy….you will surely get mechanical…i myself is a student of mechanical engineering in vit…

sir..please advice me..which college would be better?SRM,SIKSHA O ANUSANDHAN UNIVERSITY OR KIIT?REPLY SOON SIR…VERY IMPORTANT..

I think I already replied to that earlier. As far as reputation goes, SRM is better known than KIIT or the other one you mentioned.

hello sir i have got 7456 rank in viteee.what r my chances in electronics & instrumentation.
also i want to know my chances in IT .
reply soon

but sir ihave listened that electronics &instrumentation
is easily available ?isnt it so. whats ur opinion?
reply soon

see naina…you are absolutely right that this branch is easily available…..and can easily get into IT….but as per my opinion please dont go for IT….you should prefer core branch ….

i think you should not go for IT… should prefer core branch …….yes…you can get E&I easily…..

hello naina..yes you will surely get these branches…..i can say that bcz i myself is a student of VIT…..

hello naina…
well the best branch you can get at this rank is mechanical….the fact is that the best branch of vit is mechanical……and yes, core branches are those branches which offers jobs in companies other thn software companies… civil, mechanical, electronics and communication….etcetc……
IT and computer science are not core branches…..

sir igot 205 marks in aieee 2009 sir could u tell can i get ece or eletronics at any of nits also on basis of state quota iam frm rajasthan and general category.
will be thankfull to you
wating for soooner reply

sir pls sorry……………..* but it was not clear from your ans that can i get ece or eletronics in any of nits……. with 205marks frm stat quota iam frm rajasthan general
sir it is a very crutial matter on this iwould deside wether to repeat or not.
sir very very thanks for your rply.

Yes, you should be able to get get Electronics with your score in one of the state NITs. When you apply through state quota, cutoff ranks go lower, so you should be able to get it.

i just want to know that a person
who gets a rank of 6894 in 2009,
can he get biomedical ?

My friend went
to vellore last year,with a rank of
3121 and got only bmi.. i am tensed.
how many seats
were available for bmi branch??
thanks . do reply



1. No, you probably won’t get those branches in VIT.
2. You won’t get admission through AIEEE on the basis of your national rank, but you might get on the basis of your state rank in on of your state NITs.

That would be difficult to say. As you know, the maximum marks of AIEEE paper has changed from last year, so what score is equivalent to what rank will be difficult to predict right now.

hi sir i got a rank in vit 2009 is 18292 can i get addmisson easily ya some source are applied there

sir…between KIIT and CUSAT…which college is better and for what reason…REPLY SOON SIR..EXTREMLY URGENT.

hello sir,
i m getting 3257 rank in viteee…….. will i get CS in vit??????????????
and plz tell which one is better VIT OR BITS,GOA???????

BITS Goa is a better option. If you study at BITS Goa, Hyderabad or Dubai, your degree says ‘BITS Pilani’ because these are not separate institutions but branches of the same institute (BITS Pilani). Goa’s is an established campus with newer infrastructure than Pilani with the academic commitment that BITS brings in.

You might get CS at VIT. I suggest that if you’re getting the course of your choice (CS) in VIT but not in BITS, then go for VIT and not BITS.

Sir,I got 4382 rank in amrutha entrance examination.can I get admission.Will there be second councelling.please reply sir.With regards,Thankyou sir

sir i got 135 marks in manipal and 2330 rank in srm so where i should prefer to go…. can u tell me somethng more about srm like placement and faculty of software engineering

First thing – this is not a real-time chatroom that you keep leaving comments one after the other. I’m not here throughout the day to attend to your queries, but I will make best effort to respond as soon as possible.

With your AIEEE score I wouldn’t expect you to get software engineering in any good NIT – even getting IT in some mid-tier NIT will be a big issue.

You can get through in Manipal and SRM. You’ve a better chance of getting the course you want to have at SRM; besides, SRM is better than Manipal.

one more thing sir i am getting 180 marks in aieee will i get through nit warangel or any other nitor any other gud college under aieee and where among three i shud prefer to go

Sir can u plz tell me which courses have maximum scope in nearby future?…..i mean which courses are good for one to take….?is IT good….?or mechanical? And one more thing is there a chance of upgrading of ur course in vit in 2nd year?

Don’t start thinking about ‘scope’. What you decide to do now is what you will be doing for the rest of your life – that’s around 40 years of work in front of you. Choose something that you want to do, be passionate about it, and you’re sure to get placed in good companies. This is not a question of what you’ll be doing for the next four years or the starting salary you get – this is about what is going to define who you are in life. Choose wisely.

sir i have got 7465 in vit. what r the good branches which would b available to me at this rank
plz reply

sir my vit rank is 13310………..will i get admission……….reply soon plzzzzzzz

i have got rank 2845 in VIT any chance i might get Biotechnolgy.
also which is better gfot biotech SRM or VIT

i m surprsied about possibility
sir could u plz also tell me till which rank biotechnolgy went till last year?
highly appreciating your reply :)

sir…i want to know about ramaiah college under it better than KIIT?PLZ REPLY SOON SIR…

Yes, Ramaiah is better known than KIIT. Coming to that topic, hardly in college in Orissa is engineering is well-known at all.

but sir….according to latest 2009 all india ranking,KIIT IS GIVEN 30 RANK WHILE RAMAIAH IS GIVEN 41 RANK…WHY SO?


sir….how is the placement of colleges like ramaiah,pesit under comedk….is it better than that of KIIT?

Dude, I told you. Nobody really has heard of Orissa colleges outside of Orissa. Reputation is directly linked to how interested companies will be in hiring you – if that’s what you’re looking for. So of course Ramaiah is a better option.


I have 5035 rank in SRM (May 2009). Is there any chance of my getting Computer science engineering? Do they have second lists in case ppl with higher ranks do not join and my rank goes up? I am asking this only to know about my scope for Computer Science. Please help. Also, do I prefer SRM to a regional college even If I get Computer Science in the regional college? How reputed is SRM on all India basis?

I’m afraid I can’t give a definitive answer to that but I would consider that it will be difficult for you to get computers.

I got 4382 rank in amrita entrance exam.Can I get admission in any branch in that institution

sir…… vit 2009 rank is 13310……..will i be called for counselling???????knowing that the no. of seats in iit have been increased……….do u think i have a chance ………sir plzzzzzz reply……..

No you won’t be called and don’t count on number of seats being increased in IIT as that amount is inconsequential.

sir but u told that 12 to 13 thousand students are called……… which stream will they be offered????????

They are generally not called. So it’s a borderline case in those ranks whether you’re called or not depending on how many seats are available.

i got 5710 rank in vit and expect 251 marks in aieee..i’m frm rajasthan and frm gen. categry ..will i get cse or ece in good nit’s or in vit

You probably won’t get in VIT but through AIEEE you should be able to get into NITs, at least the ones in Rajasthan through state quota given your marks.

Is it better to go for Computer science in NMAM Instt of Tech, Nitte, Mangalore than to hope for Computer Science in SRM University where my score is 5034? I am confused and donno whether to stake some money and go for SRM counselling on the 14th while I am sure of getting Computers at Nitte. Please give your opinion.

Never heard of the Mangalore institute. Manipal is the only well known place in that area. Don’t go for this one unless it’s you’ve no other choice, but always choose course over college / univ.

i got 13762 in vit is there any hhope of getting a seat in vit atleast for chemical engineering

sir ,my rank in srmeee is 615 and viteee is 7500 and i am expecting around 212 mark in aieee.sir can you advice which college will be better for me? plz reply…

i am from orissa, so on basis of state quota which branch can i get in nit rourkela

sir….i hav secured 5000 rank in manipal….and 6000 srm.i want to ask u that out of these 2 colleges,which one is better and for what reason……plz reply…VERY IMPORTANT

At the rank that you have got there’s isn’t much to differentiate between the two colleges. Go for whichever one you’re getting the course of your choice. It makes sense to compare them if there was a significant difference in your rank.

Sir, my rank in viteee is 7724………….wat branch should i expect
also my manipal rank is 1755.can i get cse.
which of the above should i prefer

You’ve a better chance of getting the course you want in Manipal. Dunno what you’ll get in VIT but definitely not CS or electrical.

sir i hav got a rank of 5300 in srm….
out of srm and ramaiah which is the better bet ??
plz reply

i got 9211 in viteee 2009 exam . do i have any change of getting CSE or Mech or chemical engg

Indian School of Mines is through main list, not EML. You are eligible to apply for IIST and IISERs through EML, but keep in mind that last year all seats in IIST were taken up by IIT main list students.

Grow a set of balls and learn to take decisions on your own. You can’t endlessly keep on asking me to compare X college vs Y college. Somewhere down the line it is YOU who needs to take the decision.

That’s OK, I understand this is a very tense time for most students. Just relax! And have confidence in yourself. See, it’s what you do in college and how passionate you are about your course that matters in the long run. So don’t fret too much about the college you’re joining. :)

Dude i got EML in IIT,i wanna know when my rank would be published and if i have any chance of getting in IIST or IISER. Also i got 1037 rank in SRMEE and 1384 in MANIPAL which one is better? I got 269 in BITSAT, any hope of dual degree in BITS Hyderabad.

As far as I know, ranks for extended merit list is not published – it merely makes you eligible to apply for IIST and IISER. Or even if the rank is told it is told pretty much later. You’ve got a good BITSAT score which will probably get you into BITS Hyderabad, but I don’t know which course you’re interested in. With your SRM and Manipal rank you should be able to get whichever course you want in both colleges. Which course do you want?

I really wanna go to BITS so any course in BITS would be fine(except Bpharm).

i’ve 3 questions.kindly answer.dey are wich is best mechanical or ece?i got 7003 rank in vit.will i get ece,mechanical…….?wen is the vit counselling?

1. VIT counselling dates are available on VIT website.
2. You can only get mechanical, not ECE, so no point answering your first question.




Which is the best branch of engineering to take up considering that I will pass out engg in 4 years. I am confused as to which branch I should take up. I am getting in CS, Electronics, Mechanical, Robotics, Biotech, etc. I will select college depending on the course I finally decide to take up. Which branch is viable for good job in 5-6 years time?

Every course that you take up is viable for a good job. See, good candidates are always in high demand in any field. All of the ones that you mention are pretty ‘hot’ fields, so the kind of offers you get during placement will largely depend on your performance in college.

sir please do tell me about iit eml..i ve qualified
are des iit eml colleges good one…in repuation …do tell me sir i m applying fot IIST as per given on iit site are they better den srm …..please reply

IISERs aren’t well-known, and IIST only offers a handful of courses. That too the admission to all seats in IIST last year was taken by IIT main list students.

shall i wait for iit eml if it would be first thousand den i would apply for des otherwise ill take cse amd ece in srm wid 1740 rank….sir please help me out

hello sir,
1) i want to know how many ppl were selected in the EML list of IITJEE 2009?
2)if we are under EML list are we just eligible to apply IIST,IISER,or we are granted with admission in those colleges ???
plzz reply mee soon

i have got 7384 rank in SRMEEE 2009, which campus and branch should i expect to get ?

viteee rank 13179
manipal rank 2732
aieee score 215
state delhi;general

which branches in vit,manipal can i get

what is my chances in aieee for ece or civil

None in VIT, none through state rank in AIEEE (Delhi does not have colleges accepting state rank). Your only chance is Manipal, go for its counselling.

Sir i got ~10000 rank in vit , 240 in bits and EML in IITJEE…..i’m not expecting a good rank in aieee…..plz ans my few ques …..
1.which option for me is best to have as my college? …..i know under EML there are few colleges…..are the good…..can i get through IIST ?and plz also tell me students getting EML in iit are eligible to apply for only 1 college of all colleges under EML list…..plz tel me which are the best three…..
2. i heard from someone that last year few seat in Jee were not filled …..what do they do with those seats?is there any chance that EML students can get those seats?

1. As of now your best options are VIT, through AIEEE colleges (I don’t know what score you’re expecting), and IISER / IIST (through EML).
2. Admission to IIST was filled up by JEE main list candidates, it didn’t even come to EML.
3. Dunno whether you can apply to more than one EML college. Check up, they must have given some information.
3. Seats which are left are mostly left over in SC/ST/OBC category. No, those seats aren’t filled up. They remain empty.

respected sir….i have one question to ask….between RAMAIAH & BANGALORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,which college is best bet? i m in great dillema sir…i am expecting good rank in comedk.. and i have heard these 2 are best….so which is has edge over other?

i have got 3660 in vit, will i get cse or electronics and communication
plz reply

Thanx for ur reply…..can u plz tell me where can i get a seat with EML rank E24000…..what does this code mean?…..does this mean my rank is abt 24000?…..i heard earlier that there were 8200 seats for merit list and abt 2000 for extended list…..if this is my rank then how many EML rank have they taken out?…..if u have any idea then plz also tel me what was the cutoff rank of eml last year for a seat and where did that person take it…..and secondly with 240 marks in bits will i get a seat in any of centres of bits?

1. No, you won’t get BITS. Cutoff for any centre was 270 or so last time.
2. Dunno what the code means, but that’s definitely not your rank. This year main list around 10000, plus 2000 EML. No idea about cutoff ranks for EML, but if you’re concerned about IIST admissions, then I’ve answered that in one of the comments above. Check it out.

sir this time iit extended merit list was six times the main merit list i.e it was >60000 as it was mentioned in the iit website and seats are just 2000 den wat does it means…why are they making this extended merit list
only 2000 qualifies and that too very less in iist…
where will the others go….is there are some other institutions that use iit ext reply me

OK, I was not aware of that 60000 thing. I don’t think other institutes accept IIT EML rank for admissions. Maybe they’re giving so many ranks because hardly anyone joins through EML…after all, most take up through AIEEE instead of EML. But 60000 is kinda hard to believe because that number is HUGE. Are you sure of this? Any link to the IIT JEE website stating this?

yes sir my rank was e26000 while my fr9s got in e40000 and e30000s…….and in iit website
it was written that extended would be 6 times that of main ,though i didn’t have any problem i have srm and aieee….but 2000 out of >60000 is an will affect iit reputation….i am thinking that may be they will increase list of colleges ,can it be sir?

Hmm, what you say seems to be true. It does appear then that this is quite ridiculous to have 2000 seats but give out ranks till 60000. As I said, the reason for this is probably that everyone opts for NITs or other AIEEE colleges instead of the ones in EML list, because the ones in EML aren’t that well-known / good.

No idea. You should more certain about what course you want rather than what course you’ll get, then only you can make decisions.

my all india rank in viteee 2009 is 7808.i appeared physics, chemistry and biology in entrance examination of vit. can i get seat for chemical engineering.waiting for positive reply.

hello naina….
i think i told you earlier also..that you will surely get mechanical…..but yes, you are on edge…i mean mechanical usually gets over at around 7600-7800 rank…..

Sir, I have got 18000 rank in vitee 09, 749 in SRM and 5000 in Manipal. Which is the best option. please advise

best option would be manipal, if you get any branch there…its far better as compared to SRM…..

I may get civil in Manipal but my branch of choice is ECE which i may get in SRM what do you suggest

Again, I would suggest SRM because IT infrastructure at Manipal isn’t that good. And of course, you should be going for the course of your choice.

Dear sir I have got 17534 rank in vit, 921 rank in SRM and 4857 in Manipal. my likely score in aieee is 125. I am from HP general category. my choice of branch is ECE and preference for college is VIT after top NIT’s. First query is which college I should get in. IInd,Is it advisable to have paid seat in vit in ECE over merit seat in SRM in ECE as in ranking VIT is far ahead of SRM

Please tell me whether I can prefer VIT over NITs in . My rank in VIT is 1899 and expecting below 5000 in Aieee .
I also have JEE rank of 7828 .

Can anyone tell me what was cut of rank at IIST last year or a list of students with ranks who got there.

Given your ranks, VIT would be better. At that rank, you’ll get any course you want. You haven’t mentioned here which course you want – but assuming something like ECE or Computers, you won’t get that with your estimated AIEEE rank.

NIT infrastructure is throughout pretty bad than VIT. That said, it is still your skills which decide what job offer you get.

What is cut off ( marks) for JEE this year .
It seems it has gone much higher this year because Iwas epecting 206 from Narayana Key but I got only 7828.So I am anxious about BITS Pilani cut off may go higher .My score is 300 at BITS .
How Manipal compares with VIT .There are rumours that NITs faced problems in placements though VIT and MAHe had could manage most placements.

well manipal is also a good institute…but VIT is kinda better thn manipal…and yes, you should go for BITS…even if you dont get a good branch in pilani….

my subjects in 12 were physics,chemistry,mathematics and statistics can i do in biotchology although i dont have biology in 12.

I don’t think so. Check up the brochure of the colleges you’re interested in, but I think for admission to those bio-related courses you need biology in 12th. But then again, there’s a batchmate of mine who had PCM in 12th, but is now doing bio-medical at Manipal.

IIST, no. IISER, probably – but you wouldn’t want to since you’d be better off at an NIT (assuming you’re expecting a decent AIEEE rank).

Sir I am likely to get my choice of branch ECE in SRM, Manipal and JP waknaghat. What should be my order of preference of the instiute, considering location and fee structure as no constraint.

sir i got 13001 in vit-2009.can u please tell me about the chances of getting into VIT and the branches that i can get??????
please reply a lot of dilemma n surrounded by an atmosphere of dissapointment

also a no of seats hv been increased in IIT,and other colleges in the list of aieee.wont dat make a difference?

Increase in number of seats is minuscule when when compared to the increase in number of candidates. A few hundred seats never really makes any significant difference.


sir with 5300 can i get mechanical at srm??…theyv called for counselling all the way till tamil nadu..i’ll go only if i have chances of getting my subject…plz reply soon..

For any college’s counselling you’ll have to go the college campus. It’s not Domino’s pizza delivery, OK? You do have a chance, so stop procrastinating and go for the counselling. All the best.

I hav a rank of 7927,
what sort of departments may I get???
Not from bio that is…

i got 5710 rank in vit and 4980 eml rank in jee.
i also got AIR 6909 in aieee. I’m frm RAJ. and belong to GEN category..Also my AIR (category) is 5738…
What is the best options for me?????

Dear Sir,

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have secured a rank of 3271 in VITEEE 2009. Yesterday, the results of AIEEE 2009 were published. I have secured a state rank of 607 and an AIR 18161. With this rank, I’m eligible for mechanical, chemical, civil, IT at NIT Durgapur. What should I do now? Shall I opt for VIT or NITDgp? Which is a better college?

Please reply.