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VITEEE 2009 results are out

By on May 3, 2009 in On A Whim | 361 comments

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Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) entrance exam results are out! The results for VITEEE 2009 was scheduled to be declared on 9th May 2009, but they went ahead and released it early. Check your VITEEE 2009 results here.

A lot of people are asking about whether they’ll be able to get the course of their choice in VIT based on their rank. For rank 5000 or higher, you don’t need to worry because you’ll get pretty much everything you want. Rank 5000-9000 will probably get the course you want, except that towards the lower end of this range you might not get ‘hot’ courses such as electronics or computers. Then in further rounds of VIT counselling candidates with ranks up to 12000-13000 are called. Any rank lower than that would not be called for counselling – but wish you luck for the remaining exams! Also, some people seem to be interested in donation seats at VIT. Don’t go for it. VIT is a good university to get into if you’ve got a rank and the course of your choice, but it makes absolutely no sense to pay through your nose to get a donation / management quota seat.

This undoubtedly seems to be an effort by VIT to one-up SRM. SRM’s entrance exam SRM EEE 2009 is to be held tomorrow (3rd May 2009), with results coming out on 14th May. Now that SRM has been ranked as the top private university in India by Education Times, these two would obviously try to fight out to net students as early as possible. (Remember that India Today has previously given the top spot among private universities to VIT.) Naman informs me that ‘VIT’ (and related terms) is the top trending search term on Google Trends right now.

On a lighter note, we’ve got to convince universities to stop including obviously posed-for photos in their brochures… ;)

SRM engineering brochure

This was screen-grabbed from SRM's PDF on engineering courses, computer science department

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