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Guest blogged by Anuj on April 15, 2008.

Yep, my life is one infinite loop, it doesn’t stop, just when I thought I had screwed up things and they can’t get worse than this, then I suddenly open my eyes and see reality, and I close them again. I mean I can sell things to people but I am not a good people person, I can’t talk to anyone properly, it’s some inherent disability, but I can’t and I mess things up. One thing I forgot to foresee was introductions, basically the teacher asks you to stand up and say some crap about yourself, so what should I say? I am obsessed with robots and I dream of owning and running everything I touch? That I am in control not some friktard like you? No I decided that I would say something true and generic, I just said “my motto is ‘Think Different'”; which really is but that’s besides the point, my English teacher called me a ‘Einstein’ and then after class I gave her a lengthy lecture that she was degrading standards by calling me that and told her not to do it in future. She wasn’t pleased, she was twitching to slap me; wow first day, first enemy. However something was reinforced today semantics not syntax.

In short I don’t care who’s in my class and who’s not, I care only about myself and the teacher, that’s the important thing, not attempts to show off, although you should do that when you sell something, but still most of these people are like the borg, who say “You know we did that to irritate people”. I mean come on. We’re here to do one thing gain knowledge and this time the knowledge in front of me actually matters, I am sure as hell not going to be distracted in anyway by anyone else. That’s the key don’t give a damn about the others, but learn what I need to learn and what I may need and then squeeze her in, somehow.

“We’re here to make a dent in the universe, otherwise why even be here?”; Steve was right, I need to find my inner peace and inhabit it, these friktards don’t matter, nothing does except for me and my work. I need to be Apple not Microsoft; concentrate on things that are truly important and get them right, and forget the rest.

So in the end it doesn’t matter if I can talk to friktards or not, as long as I am able to sell her to them it’s okay.

Anyway check these XKCD comics out, they’re so classy.

Our maths teacher today invited people to do things on the board, I was tempted to draw this one.

One more thing, guess what there’s this XKCD toon that describes me down to the last decimal place.

You may have realized by now that I love XKCD, guess what? I am thinking of buying on of these insanely great “science it works bitches” T-shirts, and then wearing it to school.

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