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Samsung LED TV series launched in India

samsung-led-tv-1Around a week or two ago, Samsung launched its series 6 and series 7 LED High Definition TVs in India. The specific models of LED TVs launched by Samsung are listed here. LED is different from LCD, which is the technology that a majority of HDTVs till now used. LCD technology had its own share of problems – such as ghosting effects being caused due to the response delay that an LCD screen inherently has, and also the colour reproduct (especially black colour) was poor in early generation LCD TVs.

samsung-led-tv-3cmThe latest LED technology that Samsung is using has many advantages. For starters, these new TVs have a jaw-dropping width of 3cm only. See this image on the right? That’s the width of these TVs. When you refer to this as a ‘slim TV’, and ‘hang it on the wall like a picture’, you mean it. The whole thing is constructed as one single ‘Crystal Design’ unit.

samsung-led-tv-2Aesthetics apart, Samsung LED TV series doesn’t skimp on features. You get bright and sharp images, made jitter-free by Samsung’s Motion Plus technology. Of course, you have HDMI connectivity – so watching DVDs, or playing a game on your PS3 / Xbox 360 will be a joy. With built-in USB 2.0 connectivity, you can simply plug-in your digital camera to view photos, or a your MP3 player and play songs directly off your device. The Samsung WS1* Sound Bar Surround System ensures that your songs, movies and TV shows have superior clarity. ‘Sound bar’ systems, unlike normal multi-channel speaker setups don’t require you to strategically place multiple speakers in different parts of the room; instead, a single long bar is used to recreate the same effect. You don’t have to bother with deciding where to place different speakers to get optimum performance.

A large display LCD or plasma TV guzzles up energy, but that’s not true for LED TVs. You might have heard of on-going campaigns to get even CFLs replaced with LEDs, since LEDs don’t use toxic substance like mercury. LEDs also consume significantly less power than most other forms of display panels, reducing your electricity bills.

Have a look at full specification and features of Samsung LED TVs yourself.

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Yeah that explains the suspiciously high number of Samsung LED TV posts on the blogosphere. So , how much do these Indian companies pay for pay per post ? , you can email me if you dont wanna divulge it here.

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