Write it a thousand times…

sony-rewritable-dvd-adAn ad for Sony rewritable DVDs forwarded to me by Rach. Simple, yet so stunningly effective in communicating the idea behind the product. Also, rejoice fellas! Sony is telling us that it is OK to pirate stuff. Sony Pictures Entertainment, I hope you’re listening…

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Correct me if I’m wrong Rach, but aren’t all the movies mentioned here ones from Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and others? Can’t see any Sony movie in this list…

hmmm.had to check this up…but as it turns out, Snatch is from the Columbia-TriStar stable, a company which was later bought by Sony Pictures…Plus, RATM’s label is Epic Records, a company owned by Sony Music…

But still on the whole they tried real hard not to include Sony Pictures ones. Oh boy, I wanna take life-size colour printouts of this poster and hand it out to people next time I’m around a PVR.

I made this ad just as a Spec Idea, why are you all under the impression that it is an actual ad by Sony? I got this idea one day and made a layout, and also submitted it to AOTW http://www.adsoftheworld.com, it is an archive of god ad idea, the guy there Ivan, accepts and posts only well made ideas, irrespective of whether they are published or not. And my apologies to Sony if people are beginning to get the impression that Sony has okayed the P word.


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