Desperate To Sell

Buy 2 Get 7 Free
* Not Photoshopped or The Gimp'd

Ha! BOGO stands nowhere in front of this. I took this photo today when I was roaming around in Karol Bagh. One thing is for sure – these guys are so desperate to get rid of their goods that I’m never going to buy from this place if I ever have. Bruce Willis most definitely wasn’t wearing TNG Station cargos when he jumped off that F-35 in Die Hard 4.0. I came across a similar offer at a store when I had gone to Bangalore once; can’t recollect whether it was TNG. I couldn’t click a photo back then, so Providence decided to be kind to me and present another opportunity to make fun of such stores.

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aargh! Now, that’s called “marketing style”. They expect most people to be unlike you (read: not so pessimistic) and thus run such offers. What actually happens, is that like, one shirt costs (MRP) some 3 thousand bucks, and they say individually the shirt’s 80% cheaper (another individually mad sounding thing), but when you buy seven, you only have to pay for the mrp of 2. I did happen to buy some stuff with that offer, hence I underwent the extensive explanation of this offer. :)

nup. I actually bought some stuff. It ain’t about a profit margin. A shirt’s supposed to cost say, 6 hundred rupees. They affix a price tag of, like 2 thousand rupees. They say individually, you get the shirt at a 70% discount! And when you buy 7 shirts, you have to only pay by the MRPs of the costliest two shirts you picked up. So wherein individually you would’ve got the shirts in 4200 bucks, if all 7 of them were 6 hundred each, but by the MRPs, you need to pay 400 bucks. See that – its a very attractive sounding, very cleverly concealed scheme. It is after all, a very well framed conspiracy! :)

I don’t really get how they run these ‘buy 2 get 11 / 7’ schemes. BOGO is OK, but if they can afford to give away 7 / 11 then the profit margin these stores have must be HUGE!

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