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I recently held a contest to give away a free Dreamhost account that I on the account of GeoCities shutting down. The contest ended yesterday (fittingly, on the day election results in India came out). I have gone through the entries…and we have a winner! Given the level of terrible PJs that contestants have been trying to come up with it was difficult – but I finally found one which made me LOL the longest. Naman Bagga wins for this particular entry!

Ek sardar kauva paalta hai. Wo kauva bahut mulayam hota hai. Sardar ne uska kya naam rakha?


Special mention for Rachit Agarwal who did not participate, but gave a modification to the joke anyway. Naman wins two years free hosting account from Dreamhost! And to everyone else who participated…tough luck, but I sure thank you for giving me a few hearty laughs.

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It would have been a tough call then. Both The Answers to The Question are so funny…I’d have to decide then on the basis of which joke was more likely to make me wake up from sleep suddenly at 3.27am and start guffawing.

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