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Me on NDTV ‘Cell Guru’

On Saturday 23rd May 2009, I was on the NDTV show Cell Guru as That Guy In The Audience – a role I’ve played sometimes on other shows like We The People. You can easily identify me as the guy wearing a shockingly blue T-shirt spouting some trivia towards the end of the show. Also met some batchmates from school – B Nithin Kumar (who was the Head Boy in school, currently studying mechanical engineering at DCE) and Tanmay Varma (currently at IIIT Delhi – thank you, Facebook!)

Watch the embedded version of the show here, or head over to the NDTV website if you prefer to see it there.

This show was about e-waste management of cellphone and the steps that companies like Nokia and Motorola are taking in this regard. The show had its usual share of fear-mongering and exaggeration that environment-related shows have. I’m specifically referring to crap like “If even 10% people recycled phones we’ll have enough raw material to not mine the Earth for two years”; you know, the kind of ‘facts’ which regularly make it to school assembly did-you-know lists with alarming frequency. Recycling cellphones is in itself a good thing, please don’t try to assault are intellect with such stupid ‘facts’.

Save The Earth

Rajiv Makhani turned out to be a snob who kept even the panelists on the show waiting for a long time, forget about bothering with the audience. I heard a producer cursing “Rajiv Makhani always takes hours to turn up for shooting”. Also, he seems kinda…gay. So was the cameraman – I was hidden in the audience shots most time by Rajiv Makhani’s butt cheeks, which came in the field of each time the show cuts to the audience. But he’s a good anchor – I’ve never seen anyone be able to get everything right on the first take itself for every segment which was shot.

What’s the fun in being We The People if we can’t make fun of our news anchors, eh? :D

PS – Happy Towel Day!

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Um, not giving the entrances as such because I already have a place at University of Surrey, BEng Electronics & Computer Engineering. That bit of trivia I read in…Slashdot I think.

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