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In recent years sales of laptops has increased at a steady rate while the number of desktops sold has declined. A lot of people are using laptops not just as a portable computer but as a replacement for their desktop computer. My PC ‘died’ last year and since then I’ve switched over to my HP Compaq 6710b laptop; it’s a business series laptop which was taken over by me after dad’s office got even newer laptops.

There are so many different laptop computers to choose from with so many different factors to be evaluated that narrowing down your choice can be a mind-boggling task if you aren’t the kind who knows what precisely Capella, Montevina, and Santa Rosa mean. Netbook or notebook? Which one has the graphics capabilities you want? And of course, how much you have to shell out for it.

To this end, 9.9 Media – best known as the guys behind Digit and Skoar magazines – has started a new comparison service called Before you buy a laptop, you should read the ‘basics’ section to understand what choices you need to make. Using this, you can filter between around 300 different models from almost all major laptop selling companies in India on the basis of price, screen size, weight. You can either use the slider-based filtering system to set maximum-minimum limits on those parameters, or use the even simpler ‘Laptop Guru’ mode. All ratings and technical data is provided by Digit Test Center, which provides overall ratings and breaking of ratings in various parameters. You can also check out reviews written by community members to see some direct feedback.

Once you’ve compared and figured out which model you want, you can request for a price quote using a form link available or check out the hot deals section. In case you have a specific query about some laptop model you’re interested in then you can put forward those questions to Digit Test Center reviewers. If you’re the kind who wants to stay in the loop about new developments – or in case you want to wait for something better to come out – then keep a tab on the new released section for updates on latest product launches. Lastly, you can also check out the community forum for more reviews and troubleshooting.

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The site lists MRP, since street price can vary from city-to-city. MRP still gives a ballpark figure of the expected budget a customer can go in with.

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