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All engineering entrance results are out. Now what?

By now, all engineering aspirants would have got the results of all the exams they’ve given – IIT JEE, AIEEE, VITEEE (find out who the top 10 VITEEE 2009 rank holders are), SRMEEE and others. The last one (for Delhi students) would be DCE CEE 2009 results, which were released today – and I’m assuming it’s the same for students from other states. By now, you should have a good idea of where you stand. Check out this engineering admission guide for more information.

Seats available at VIT after first round of counselling
Seats available at VIT after first round of counselling

Some people have already had their counselling for admissions done, like those who qualified for VIT 1st round of counselling. These would have been the top 5000 students, so in case you have been called for second phase of counselling you should be aware of the number of seats left in each branch after the first phase.

Those who got their DCE CEE results today should be aware that if your rank is lower than 1000-1100, getting in will be well nigh impossible (and this is including ‘less’ in demand streams). Rank cutoffs for NSIT are usually higher because students who want to focus on computers / IT / electronics generally opt for NSIT.

Another option which opened up last year is IIIT Delhi (note the extra ‘i’). Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi belongs to the IIIT universities ‘series’ and functions independent of DCE / NSIT / DU. It’s functioning out of the premises of NSIT Delhi at the moment while its own campus is being built and teaches only CS / IT courses. No, it does NOT fall under IP University. Read this FAQ about IIIT Delhi for more details. IIIT Delhi conducts its own entrance examination – unique in its own sense because topics covered are English, maths, and logical reasoning. You need 80% and above in PCM Class XIIth Boards or an AIEEE rank of 10,000 or higher. Download IIIT Delhi 2009 admissions prospectus here – it contains the admission brochure, information about the entrance test, and sample question paper. IIT Delhi is mentoring IIIT Delhi (a lot of IIT-D faculty currently teaches at IIIT-D), but a lot of new professors are joining this year as full-time faculty. Unlike other Indian colleges IIIT doesn’t do a foundation course in the first year, instead choosing to dive straight into CS / IT subjects. (Unfortunately the application period for IIIT-D has closed.)

Tools of the Trade
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Staying on the CS / IT topic, it’s true that there is a lot of demand for this. Going through the comments on my blog I find that many want to get into this. Now I know that many of your are genuinely passionate about IT, but in case you’re one of those folks who hasn’t really decided which branch to take up then this is time for some introspection. Are you choosing branches just because of what relatives are saying is a ‘hot’ career? The fact is, that in any field you join you have the prospect of an amazing career – if you’re ready to work hard and go that extra mile.

Read this short article titled Is IT The Right Choice For You by IIIT-D professors. This is precisely the time to give some thought to what you want to do. It’s not just about what you’ll be doing for the next four years. Assuming that you stay within the engineering domain, this is what you’ll be doing for the next 40-50 years of your life. Still confused? Read this India Today special feature on various branches of engineering.

Wishing everyone all the best for college admissions!

More advice (including an audio discussion) is available at A Guide to Admissions in Engineering Colleges in India.

Update – Also read this AIEEE Counselling Guide by Naman.

19 replies on “All engineering entrance results are out. Now what?”

“You need 80% and above in PCM Class XIIth Boards and an AIEEE rank of 10,000 or higher.”

Shouldn’t it be “or” ? :P

I got a scare for a moment when you wrote ‘and’. Didn’t go so well, expected that though. Don’t want to go South, the only one’s I’ve cleared.

Didn’t give SRM. Manipal and VIT.
I think I’ll either drop or do DU, but not sure about how good the course is which I’ll get. Biiger problem, Dad’s an IITian, Brothers’ in NSIT and my family wants me to do B.Tech badly, so forcing me to drop but I don’t want too :(

Thanks. Nah, NTU didn’t work out. NTU admissions this year were on Board marks, so cutoffs go pretty high. The only chance I had was if my SAT / SAT Subject scores made any difference to them. It didn’t.

Heya. Even I applied to NTU this year but havent received the outcome of my application yet. Do you mind sharing your board result if its okay? And which courses did you apply to in NTU? And are you appealing?

No actually I sent my results quite late so my application is still processing. Could I just know which courses you applied to? :)
And have fun @ Univ of Surrey :D

OK, so I’ll try to answer some of the questions you asked in this comment and the previous comment:
1. I got 87.2% in the Boards. The reason why I’d applied is because I’d good SAT / SAT Subject Test scores and extra-curriculars.
2. Not appealing the NTU decision in my case. I don’t need to.
3. Courses I’d applied to were: computer engineering, computer science, information engineering & media, electrical & electronic engineering. (At Surrey, I’ll be doing electronics & computer engineering.)
4. How much did you get in the Boards? That’s probably going to be the deciding factor.

hi ankur, i woul like to ask that i have filled up the choises for AIEEE couselling and it shows that SASTRA availle and MNIT not available . I have AIR (cat)26000 and state rank (cat) 3563 from u.p

so is it consediring my state rankfor MNIT or my AIR only.

plz tell not availble means no chance to get MNIT.
plz reply soon i really need ur help

hello sir

i jus wana ask u dat…..upto which rank i can get admsn in punjab university……for mechanical engineering

reply soon…….

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