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No more bomb threats

India saw some tough times in 2008 with bombs blasts / terrorist attacks in Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmadabad… All of them bring on a flurry of travel advisories from foreign countries, which gives a nice excuse for the SAT-wallahs to charge an extra security surcharge in India and Pakistan. Apparently we live in some kind of a war-zone according to them. Man do I live recklessly without a bullet-proof jacket. Now I know what my birthday gift should be.

We all know, of course, that the root of the whole problem is dustbins. Those things just kinda with absolutely no regard to whether a terrorist is hiding a bomb in them. Shame on such dustbins. I fully support Dilli Pulis in the steps it took earlier in overturning all dustbins. People don’t get it, but it was a two-pronged strategy to save the city and make citizens healthier by making them walk all the way to garbage dumps to throw away waste.

Guilty until proven innocent
Guilty until proven innocent

Intelligence sources have now confirmed that the bomb threat has passed. This is proved by the fact that dustbins across the city aren’t kept overturned any more. Rejoice people! We can finally crawl out of our bomb shelters, then call up long lost relatives to inform that we are OK.

That leaves just one question to be answered: आप को कैसा लग रहा है?

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Nope, it’s just you. I checked both email and social bookmarking buttons. What seems to be the problem – you don’t get the popup or does clicking a link within that not work?

I agree with the last line: imagine this: a city-wide crisis, bombs blowing up left right and center, people with bloodied faces running, screaming, and a prim and proper news reporter with mascara, rouge, etc, stops them just to ask them if they’re feeling all right on national TV. Pointless…completely pointless…

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