Mod Quiz 2009 coming up

Modern School, Vasant Vihar’s Mod Quiz is getting a much-needed reboot this year from the Cradle Sports team. Truly mega-scale quizzes have been missing in action for a quite a while in the Delhi school quizzing circuit and it’s nice to see some efforts being made in that direction.

Mod Quiz 2009 will be held on 24th and 25th July 2009. There are two quizzes – a general quiz on the first day and an India-centric quiz on the second day. Four members per team and a school can send an unlimited number of teams. There’s no registration fee (unlike Columban Open). Cash prizes worth Rs 50000 are up for grabs.

To register send an email to [email protected] OR a letter to Head Master (Middle School) Modern School Vasant Vihar OR fax your entries to 0120 2520803. Include the usual stuff like school name, list of team members with class, etc – you can confirm what details exactly are needed by mailing Cradle Sports team at that address or calling up the contact persons mentioned next. For any enquiries you can get in touch with Arindam Bhattacharya at 9312600283 or Shashank Kapoor at 9999008373.

Oh, and just because the organizing team is from Cradle ‘Sports’ doesn’t mean this will have a sports focus, so don’t make that mistake. It’s a general and India quiz with exactly that being asked; of course, there can be sports with those general / India quizzes.

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just a little query.. are both quizzes open or only the general one?
P.S.hope it doesn’t clash with the Columban Open Quiz!

Open? :P

Feels like winning again. Still gutted about not winning the Cradle Sports Quiz last year :(

Above all Thanks Ankur for posting about MODQUIZ 2009 and keeping the quizzing fraternity abreast of things…and as being organizers for this years MODQUIZ want to give serious quizzing a thrust..

Am working towards creating a Inter School Quiz League and hopefully by September end we should be up and running…( pray some sponsors support us)

Anyways with regards MODQUIZ,surely want it to be a benchmark in the Delhi Quizzing circuit.

Finally with regards MOD QUIZ both quizzes are Open..No registeration fee (as mentioned by Ankur)..A maximum of 4 member per team,unlimited teams per school,no mixed teams allowed…For any further detail you may call me on 9312600283 or visit

Hey arindam we were last years columban winners and finalists of inquisitive so if u wanna make any such league please dont forget amity noida.

Ankur please man 15th june’s gone waat happened to the waits killing

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