“Not high school evil, but actually evil”? Nah…

Hell No! Don't watch this!
Hell No! Don't watch this!

My rating of Jennifer’s Body: D+ (Poor Effort)
Cast: Megan Fox, Nobody Else Worth Giving A Crap About
Directed by: Karyn Kusama. Yes, that same bitch who made that awfully boring movie Aeon Flux.
Studio: 20th Century Fox. I bet that common last name is why they greenlit this project.

Those who have thought that this movie would be a good watch by just looking at the trailer are sorely mistaken. The day I saw the trailer, with the cheesy “I go both ways” line, I knew this was going to be massive pile of road accident. I wasn’t sorely mistaken, but I still made the mistake of watching this movie. Consider this a scientific control experiment from my end to ensure that my trailer-gauging abilities are fine-tuned.

The ironic thing is that even with Megan Fox in the movie, you won’t enjoy watching it. It’s not quite downright boring, but it has way too much ham acting – and to be perfectly honest – a crap script to go anywhere. Considering that Juno‘s Diablo Cody wrote the story it’s no wonder that this movie has been made into a feminist propaganda movie, and a bad one at that (unlike some movies of that sort which are actually good). If you want cheesy bitchy witchy movies, you’re better of watching The Craft or something. (At least that one was entertaining.)

Watch the trailer for Jennifer’s Body

In a single sentence, I could sum up Jennifer’s Body as a script that was written by a bunch of feminists after a night of too much drinking, with lots of “Oh oh, and this would be, like, such an awesome idea too…”

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