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I don’t know whether you have seen this really innovative music video recently, of OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass, but you should. Nay, must. Haven’t heard of OK Go before? They were the behind that insane treadmill song video (weight-reducing equipment sold separately).

Wasn’t that awesome?! You know this type of setup, don’t you? Must have seen it in countless cartoons – especially old Hanna-Barbera studio toons. That sort of setup, with incredibly complex interactions is called a Rube Goldberg machine. I’ve heard on some places that it’s the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine attempted so far, but even if it isn’t this has got to be the most awesome so far. I guess OK Go officially displaces Honda’s Rube Goldberg machine ad as the best attempt at this sort of thing so far!

In a sense, the Internet has pioneered and empowered creative people to come up with videos like these. Previously when distribution channels were limited you’d need to make videos really short (for TV commercials, since companies often pay by the second) or at least substantially long enough to be marketed as a DVD. The Internet has a filled a void between the two which allows execution of ideas longer than a short TV commercial, and yet be short enough to capture our attention span.

On that note, also have a look at this commercial

…and this ‘lip-dub’ video.

The Internet might have given a rise to banal videos of cats doing nothing, but it has also enabled a new generation of creative videomakers to reach out to millions.

PS – To all students back in India attempting their Board exams, I wish you luck! Now that you’ve enjoyed an entertaining break, do get back to studies.

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