Snowy Pebbles

A macro shot that I took this January when it was snowing, of a gravel pathway. It’s currently my wallpaper and I love it. It’s a shame that all the snow we had this year was concentrated to a space of weeks. University buildings look beautiful when it snows. :)

UPDATE: Ok, some more photos. All the snow we had this year was concentrated into a space of three weeks in January, and practically shut everything apart from vital services down. I do have some more pictures from that time, but most of them aren’t so good. Here are a few others though:

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I would’ve liked to see the snow on the pebbles instead of just the pebbles. Since I haven’t seen snow ever. But it’s a good photo. :)

Thanks. :) If you click the ‘university buildings’ link in the blog post, you’ll find another picture of when it snowed down here. I’ve also added links to a few more pictures.

Nice shot! A little more focus on the biggest pebble(the light orange coloured one) and it would have looked stunning! (not that it doesn’t :P)
Why did you publish it after so many months?

Which camera do you have?

To answer the camera question first, this one’s shot using my point-and-shoot Canon A480. I chose this one because compared it offers a great amount of control even in the point-and-shoot range. As soon as the warranty expires, I plan to run CHDK on it (Sahil told me about it :) ).

I didn’t have a tripod with me when I took this photo, so I was just holding it in my hand. I didn’t use the inbuilt macro mode; I used a manual mode to get the focus, exposure settings et al I needed but the thing is that you’ve to keep your hand annoyingly still once you’ve locked focus on the camera. So I had to do quite a few ‘takes’ at getting this picture. This is least blurry one.

I don’t know why it took so long. At the place I work, I’m putting togther a magazine on the university for those who’ll be joining the university back from placement year, so I came across a bunch of stuff I had shot earlier and not uploaded.

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