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IIT JEE 2011

By on Apr 14, 2011 in On A Whim | 7 comments

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For the hordes hitting my server these days coming from search engines: download IIT JEE 2011 analysis here, download JEE 2011 paper 1 solution here, download JEE 2011 paper 2 solution here. All from the good folks at Career Launcher. I hear that this year they will be releasing official solutions too online (albeit belatedly) and that scanned OMR sheets will be put up online too.

Reading up about news around the IITJEE 2011, I came across this piece where the ‘Super 30 guy‘ praised the changes being brought about this time…and then makes a curious statement saying he made an appeal to “reduce the number of conceptual and analytical questions” to make coaching institutes less of a deciding factor. I thought the whole point of such questions was to take the emphasis away from mechanical ‘solving numericals’ that used to happen earlier.

Why is such a supposedly prominent educationist (he probably deserves that title by now) saying something so counter-intuitive? Could it be that there’s a disconnect here again between rural and urban India? The private-school-going middle class students want analytical questions, whereas students from rural areas might want more numerical questions as it involves, to put it in a way, less parsing of English language to understand and attempt a question.


Feel so out of touch with what’s going on in India these days. First, “Who’s this Anna chick, then?” and now I find out from one my Code Warrior juniors that the IIT JEE was conducted last weekend – and I had no idea! To be honest, ever since I’ve come to Singapore I have given up any pretence of trying to stay on top of national news. If you think about it, I need to be following national news for India, UK, and Singapore as all three directly affect me; I just don’t have the patience any more to do so. (There used to be a time when I read two newspapers daily, cover-to-cover.)

It was ever thus: a world divided into those with the mental capacity and attention span required to read and digest the day’s news, and to understand the importance of doing so — and  the perpetual children: the proud morons who say things like “I’m not interested in politics” (despite being mortgaged to the hilt) or ask “why should I care about stuff happening in countries thousands of miles away?” (despite those being the countries that own all the debt).

War, What Is It Good For? Three Points!

And now, I belong to the latter group. One of them, one of them, gooble gobble gooble gobble.


  1. Vivek

    April 14, 2011

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    It’s completely OK if you can’t keep up with national news from 3 countries. Almost human, in fact.

    As for the IIT-JEE thing. Well, personally, I like the analytical types, because I am frankly pathetic at arithmetic. But then that’s just me. I think the exam would only work well as long as that balance remains. Both skills are important, IMHO.

    • Ankur Banerjee

      April 14, 2011

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      So what are the students saying about this year’s exam? As the head bot, you’d have heard a lot at least from Dipsites. Give me the inside dope, yo.

      • Vivek

        April 14, 2011

        More analytical. Less numerical. Some fared well. Some didn’t. Mixed bag really.

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