Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Beacon’ album

Indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club are back this year with their latest album titled Beacon, which has been inching steadily towards the top of alternative/indie charts in many markets. It continues in the footsteps of their first album Tourist History; every single track in Tourist History was one with catchy lyrics that you can see yourself wanting to dance to, and even though Beacon is much in the same strain with electro-pop tunes it feels underwhelming.

Nothing in this album – least of all the lead single Sleep Alone – quite matches up to the calibre of their previous hits such as Cigarettes In The Theatre, This Is The Life, or Undercover Martyn. It starts off well with Next Year but by the time Sleep Alone rolls around everything sounds decidedly meh. What does feel refreshing, because it sounds different from anything else in the album, is Sun, a much slower-paced track. Also worthy of a listen is The World Is Watching which features newcomer Valentina Pappalardo accompanying on the lyrics.

Rating: 5 / 10

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