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11:14 (2003)

By on Feb 2, 2013 in Reviews | 0 comments

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11 14 movie poster11:14 is an indie thriller from director Greg Marcks starring an ensemble cast of quite a few Hollywood heavyweights – Henry Thomas, Patrick Swayze, Hilary Swank – as a well as a few lesser-known actors such as Rachel Leigh Cook and Blake Heron. It is a film of the ‘intertwined storyline’ kind à la Crash’ and ‘Babel‘, but in a tighter timeframe. It follows the characters of our ensemble cast on one night in a small American town as a series of events unfold: many people get hit by a car, another dies while having sex in a graveyard, a fake robbery with real shootings is attempted at a convenience store, someone’s dick gets chopped off, a girl tries to extort money under the pretence of getting an abortion. Unbeknownst to the characters, their destinies are all inter-linked with each other, and the beauty of this film’s screenwriting is how the stories all converge at a single moment in time – 11:14pm. The soundtrack – done by Clint Mansell, one of my favourite film composers – adds its own spice to the proceedings. 11:14 is a thrilling film with touches of dark humour and brilliant execution.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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