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It does work for some people.

By on Apr 20, 2008 in Personal | 3 comments

After all it is the Answer. GQ’z going to like this one. Money, Entertainment, and flying leather. And the Answer. Read On. BTW got a customized toolbar for my site. Nice lil’ gadgets in it, and, well makes life simpler…

Ya Fine He Caught Me…

By on Apr 6, 2008 in On A Whim | 1 comment

Seems like prolonging the lil’ April Fools’ Day joke wasn’t worth the laze. Credits to Ankur and Waris for checkin’ it up. BTW, Heaven is no album by Paranoia,  But mixes by DJ Sammy, the primary song being a Bryan Adams’ frm his 1988 album. Anyways, I don’ half care about rights, so you can still go download em’, that is, if you haven’t done so already. chkt. chkt.


By on Mar 21, 2008 in On A Whim | 6 comments

Maths… Incremented. That’s what it was. Not a thing this board paper had, to throw at me. You know, I actually feel angry. I have been burning my backside off for months on this subject, and what I am asked is: f(x)= x+7 g(x)= x-7 What is (fog)(7)? Problem is, These CBSE people don’t have their priorities right. Just like all the HOTS questions from Maths, (and maybe English too..) seemed to have their presence felt in the Physics Paper. Screwed up a 1 marker though. And maybe forgot to change the limits in a question. I guess 96-97 is on the cards. Not Bad. I give myself a pat on the back. The Physics blunder has been made up for. Period. Signing off.