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A Freudian Dream

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More stuff from Rach. He claims this to be a reproduction of the story he wrote at Access 2006. He Boy, I just can’t wait to see him going to Modern School this year and getting lynched for making fun of Bhaskar Kishore! But I’d say his story was really good, and I really liked the potshots he took at those MSBK guys giving multiple titles to Bhaskar Kishore. At the same time, this story is some serious stuff, and his style to writing captures the state of a fractured mind incredibly well. Kudos to Rach for a great story, which I think deserved to win. Unlike the 42-loaded h2g2-style story laden with 42 Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters that I wrote in the same competition… *** Heavily influenced by Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Memento Mori‘. *** He woke up with a start. Dreaming in color and Dolby surround sound was yet to become a habit. *** Bhaskar had never expected much-from himself or his family or his friends. He knew he had the brains. He knew he didn’t have the memory. Admiral Bhaskar Kishore knew he wouldn’t remain Admiral for long. He trusted no one at the Vridhachala Lal Research Centre (VLRC). Not even himself. Brain mapping was a new development- to VLRC and to the world. Even to Colonel Bhaskar Kishore, its inventor. He had the brain to invent it, but not the memory to recall it. It was supposed to be a cure for him-by storing his every thought and emotion on a computer, Wing Commander Kishore hoped to lead a life-crippled, but not hopeless. *** This was his big chance. For Jai Arora, the Master’s call was the break he was looking for. He now had the means to breach VLRC’s impregnable encryption algorithms to access the huge vaults of human brains. In just seven short years, the technology had garnered much acclaim for VLRC and its head, Ali Abbas. The database had grown manifold and every hacker worth his ‘honor’ was after it. Jai was going to beat them all to the booty. He would be famous and rich. He would be everything everyone ever wanted to be. *** He woke up with a start. Dreaming in color and Dolby surround sound was fast becoming a habit. Bhaskar looked at himself in the mirror, stroking a stubble that wasn’t there. He didn’t remember getting up half an hour earlier to shave. Again. He found his way to his kitchen. He wasn’t sure how much coffee he usually put, so he put seven sachets, like always. He took a sip, and like always, poured the rest down the drain. The gurgling noise, like always, stirred up a memory. Something to do with a brain. With some research gone wrong. With an innocent man getting fired. And that was it. He found himself in his bedroom. He saw a damp patch on his bed. Perhaps he had wet it. Again. He lay down and cried himself to sleep. Seven years is a long time, especially if you are Bhaskar Kishore. But, even time can’t erase memories. Especially, if there aren’t too many of them. *** “…Indians and India can not be trusted. Their judiciary is broken and investigations take an eternity. We MUST act.” Kevin Vaughan wheezed to a stop. For an asthmatic, he was very active. His superior nodded. He too was beginning to see the folly in trusting India. Somebody had wreaked havoc with the brain vault at VLRC. The Queen’s most intimate emotions and thoughts now lay bare before the world. Messing with the Queen was akin to messing with all Britons. And, humility was one characteristic the Yard had never been known to display. *** “We must take some action. The British will squeeze us to bankruptcy if we don’t.” Ali Abbas looked around. A stony silence emanated from his Board of Directors. “Bhaskar Kishore is turning into a liability by the day. We frankly don’t want a person who can just remember his name. Barely. I don’t care about his brains. We are in India, for Christ’s sake. A hundred minds are out there, clamoring to take his spot. So, from tomorrow on, he doesn’t get reminded what to do. Period.” Ali Abbas was happy. Technically, Bhaskar wasn’t a scapegoat. He was behind the technology, and he would face the axe. But, no one knew. To the world, Ali was behind the technology and Bhaskar was an errant scientist. Everyone would know this as the truth. Everyone except one person. A person who’d wake up the next day and put seven sachets of coffee into his mug. He would know, but he wouldn’t realize. *** I remember everything. You will not be wronged. WE, we will not be wronged. Our plan is perfect. No one can stop us. Just keep your other presences inside you. A little longer. Just a bit longer. I can guide us there. Have patience. Have faith. Have courage. We shall not lose. We can not lose. We are nearly there. Just a bit longer… *** Vidya Kishore couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her husband was behind the whole memory vault fiasco. She tried ringing him up, but his phone had been disconnected. The family had been torn apart. She was here, with their children. And he was there. Only VLRC and he knew where. If this was a...

The Rach Files

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More poems from Rach, except that there were a few to put up and I thought that putting them up together would be better. So here are a few more, which are equally good, but then, his last two were equally ‘more gooder’ than the rest… I, Me, Myself I looked at them.They glared back.I chewed on a straw of hay– They did too.A hawk called outIn distant Rhodesia.An old man,On his patio,Strummed some Spanish.The sand was hot,The cacti pukey green.I took out my gun– Theirs already gleamed in the sun.Someone fired.Eh…or was it a knock?I spat outMy toothbrush fragments.Spat the paste.(Oh!What a waste!)I spend too much timeI there– The loo,With my three best friends– I, Me, Myself. The Girl In the Window I was walking past itAnd,I saw her.I had not stared so long at anyone.But,She was a special someone.Ah,Look at her eyes– So blue.I was transfixed,As if stuck with glue.Her looks,They were as apetizingAs food to a weary traveler.My,She was a princessStraight out of fairy books.From that day,I became her beauty’s marveler.Everyday, I saw her in the window.And, in her eyes,I saw the love rise.And then,I saw her in the park.My heart jumpedA though hit by a spark.For the time first,I saw her up close.My heart burstFor I didn’t have a rose.I was still dreamingWhen,Off came her hairAnd out stepped a boy.With himself, he was so pleasedAs if he had boughtA new toy.It was then that it struck me,The ‘she’ was a ‘he’.I still remember her ‘coz,She was the love that never was. Spanky Time Not a soul stirs,Not a fly moves.Over everyone,Gloom looms.The teacher,A wicked cowboyComplete with the spurs.Copy after copy,Cross after cross.And,Occassionaly deciding someone’s fateWith her infamous toss.Satan is nothing,Our teacher the devil.At her hitting capacity,One can only marvel.Now,She is over me.And,In my pants,I can only pee.Crosses,And she moves on.Before long,She is long gone.But,I can’t forgetCopy-checking time.For,It is alwaysSpanky time. What I like about Rach’s poems is that it he keeps you guessing – you start reading a poem and then you think ‘Ah, usual mushy / emotional stuff…’ and your eyes just scan through to the end, which is a killer line. And then, you read the whole thing again and notice how he cleverly manages to to fool the reader, and how well HIS interpretation also turns out to be true! I love this stuff…but again, being Rach he gets bored of things – leaves projects half-way etc etc....

That Thing U Do

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Another poem by Rach, another one of my faves! Maybe,It was just my eyes.Or maybe,It WAS you.Maybe,It’s that thing you do.Everytime IYou see,Something stirsInside me.Maybe,It’s that thing you do.I rememberThat first time– When we met.I looked at you,Forgot about the rest.Maybe,You didThat thing you do.How can I explain it?Why do I haveEyes only for you?Maybe,It’s that thing you do.Just tell me!I’ve had enough.Just tell me,How do you doThat thing you do?Just tell me!Enough suspense,HOW DO YOUWRIGGLE YOUR FREAKING NOSE???

My Love, My Life, My…

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A poem that Rach wrote, it’s one of my faves. After his blog shut down, his content is being put up here, so here you go…a little thing on the meaning of Life, (the Universe), and Everything… Not many people know the meaning of Love.I didn’t too.– That was beforeI met you.You taught me the meaning of Life.You taught me the meaning of everything.You taught me the differenceBetween Love and Lust,You are divine!!You have beauty.You have everythingI could ever want.You petite little thing,I love you!!I love you,My little dictionary…

The Shakespeareans : Part 2

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*** Andy was still stressed out, after having not being able to telepathetically contact Pony the Gray. He desperately needed consultants; after all, that was the way they did things in Holy Wood. Andy tried to contact Vivian, another expert in the field of moving pictures, but even his telepathetic lines were closed. Vivian had recently shifted to Shypod from Dipsville, because he had lost his musical thingamajig while working on a motion picture for King Viktor the Miserly. ***