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A Bad Year

By on Jun 1, 2008 in Personal | 10 comments

A bad start to the year. I’m afraid, that I didn’t get through JEE. Expected that. Didn’t get through NTU. Didn’t expect that – specifically, because I never thought they’d bring up my class 10th English marks again when deciding the final rankings for the interview. They did, I appealed, they haven’t replied. With the interviews starting around 2nd June, I assume that to be a ‘NO’ from their side. Had DCE / NSIT CEE yesterday. Physics went extremely well, but all I have to say is that I’m glad all the exams are over. I don’t expect anything great from AIEEE or CEE either – simply because I know I’m getting the top colleges, and I know that I *don’t* want to go to just about any college to get a degree. Or even in the highly unlikely chance that BITSAT cutoffs fall, I won’t get the branches of my choice. Which is exactly what I don’t want to do – take a branch I’m not interested in. I could go on and say why I didn’t get through. Those reasons might sound logical, but I won’t. The plain and simple fact is – I didn’t get through. Period. So I’m not going to make any excuses. Or offer any reasons. All that matters to me is that I *know* where *I* went wrong, and exactly how much more happier I’d be if I hadn’t screwed. And I’ve a fairly good idea now how to set thing right. Too bad that it’ll take one more year to achieve it. I’m not even going to bother to check my AIEEE result – because I *know* that it wasn’t good, and I don’t want to be tempted by the whole relatives brigade of taking a ‘backup option’ at any goddamn college. I think dropping a year, and rectifying the mistakes that I made in the past one (two?) years is the way forward – than getting an engineering degree for the sake of...

Funny Career Launcher Ad!

By on May 27, 2008 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Not been watching much of TV these days, but this Career Launcher ad is quite funny!

My BITSAT 2008 Experience

By on May 25, 2008 in Personal | 1 comment

Gave BITSAT 2008 yesterday, at the Noida centre. Naman gave it too, although his centre was at Gurgaon. Noida centre happens to be in the middle of nowhere (here’s where it’s located), complete with dust clouds whirling around. Was wearing a smug smile about the fact that I remembered to bring my passport along for ID proof, until I realised at the centre that we were supposed to bring a photocopy. Nothing for it, except filling up the “I’m douche and forgot to bring the ID proof photocopy” like everyone else. Noida centre is the office of Eduiquity technologies. Capacity of around 150 students, but because of the fact that the Board results came out on Friday and many people didn’t get the minimum 80% in PCM required to sit for the exam, centre was running at half the capacity. Guy at the registration desk seemed to be a Bong and kept insisting I should’ve spelled my name as ‘Onkur’ for “it’s the Bong way of doing it”. Scanned the admit card, issued the regulation scratch pad (“only eight pages, and don’t ask for more”), and allotted a system. There were really smart questions some people were asking the invigilators too. Like, “Is there any negative marking in this paper?”. Really slick. Really slick answer too, “Sorry, we can’t tell you anything”. Guy must’ve died out of suspense. Test wasn’t as difficult as has been made out in the model test papers by Logic and English section in BITSATRace papers sucks anyway, but the stuff in the actual BITSAT is nowhere near as tough as what a proper standard paper like those of Brilliant Tutorials. Brilliant Tutorials’ online testing service came closest to the level of the paper; while the ones by MTG Learning Media were a bit above the actual BITSAT 2008 level too. The centre has got awfully old monitors which flicker so much that it gives a headache. Yes, there were webcams on all systems, but I bet they were not up and running because there are far too many systems to monitor, or even record that much amount of data every day. Not too many invigilators though, but cheating is not an options. Because in these exams, you can’t have your cake and let your neighbour eat it too. Won’t be getting through though, because I failed to miss the ground by around 20-25 marks from the expected cutoff this year (expected to be around 270-280). The ‘mark for review’ option is pretty good – use it. The only flaw is that once you go back to a question you’ve marked for review, it gets unmarked. I did exactly that – marked answers which I was only absolutely sure of, and marked any others for review. With 30 minutes to go for the end of the exam, I checked the number of questions I’d attempted, and was fairly sure that not many of them would be wrong. That was around 95 questions (it will be indicated at the top right corner). Enough to get through, I guessed, if a most of them were correct – but I really didn’t want to just ‘get through’ and end up doing chemical engineering. So well, decided to take a risk and mark the answers which I wasn’t sure of and had flagged for review. Turns out I did get quite a few of them wrong. Enough to whack me out of the running. Not disappointed though, because I never really wanted to just join the institute just for the heck of joining it. Getting those unsure ones right would have ensured a higher score, and more importantly, the stream of my choice – and that’s more important. Next up is DCE / NSIT CEE. Got nary a chance in that, given that more studious folk want to stay in Delhi. Gotta think of the future...


By on May 23, 2008 in Personal | 11 comments

D-Day. Unlike class 10th when I’d spent the whole night waiting for the results with one eye on Lord of the Rings (the book, not the movie) and the other on my web browser, didn’t stay awake this time. Rather, was doing BITSAT mock papers late into the night. Not that they were any good either. Went to sleep at around 4am, got up at 8.20am to check the result. Somehow, that weird sense of anxiety and anticipation that was there the last time was missing. CBSE results site was loading fine, in what possibly is the peak loading time. Strange. Checked my result – 87.2% overall. Strange sense of detachment, like the ones you have while agreeing to the usual yada-yada stuff in site ToS’s. I was relieved, very VERY relieved to see my English marks – 90. I was shit scared about something like class 10th happening in English again, not because it would bring my percentage down, but because I’ve faced a lot of problems because of my pathetic class 10th English score. A ‘repeat performance’ would have been the final nail in the coffin – because people might have been ready to accept that I got screwed ONCE by CBSE, but TWICE they wouldn’t have. I really can’t make out what I’m feeling right now. 87.2% is so haha-haha, but I’m quite happy about English...

Download Free BITSAT Practice Test Papers

By on May 15, 2008 in On A Whim | 45 comments

The website (mentioned below) is now in the hands of new owners and the site is completely unrelated to the text below. I am still leaving this post for archival purposes. I encourage you to check out for yourself what the new site is about. The stuff which most people have come here for first, the explanation. Click on the links given below to download PDF files of BITSAT practice tests from Download free BITSAT Practice Test 1 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 2 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 3 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 4 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 5 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 6 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 7 Download free BITSAT Practice Test 8 The password for the opening the PDF files is The Explanation Quite a lot of people would be searching for some sort of practice material for BITSAT right now. Good practice material is quite hard to come by online, especially if you want to pay zilch for it. I use Brilliant Tutorials’ online test series for example. Ungrateful bastards. It’s basically run by a company called Vriti Infocom (based in Noida) who rent their servers out to the likes of Brilliant Tutorials and Narayana. Thus both have the same interface, the difference lies only in the questions. And even that may not be so. I informed them earlier of a vulnerability which allowed anyone to log in to their system and take tests; nah, don’t jump in joy yet, they did fix it. And then again of how their system was handing out negative marks even a user left the answer choices blank; because of which they’ve now taken the sensible step of using checkboxes in their forms instead of radio buttons. But did they ever thank me? Send a box of chocs? Or an iPhone (which I would then proceed to smash to bits on a YouTube video)? Nope. Complete arseholes. I digress. The reason why I’m writing this is because of another bunch of geniuses from a place called These same retards own another site (aimed at candidates for competitive exams) called – talk of a sick sense of humor. Retards, because these mice are far from being pan-dimensional hyper-intelligent beings. They have made PDF versions of their papers available for their users (thanks to Aviatrix for that bit of access); but instead of allowing only logged in users to download, they’ve kept it available for download by EVERYONE. The mice thought they did a slick thing by disabling right click using JavaScript (and using a long URL) so that nobody could copy the file location. Now WHAT is it with companies and JavaScript that they don’t understand? Simply disable JavaScript; or if you’re using Firefox, click on the ‘Advanced’ button next to ‘Enable JavaScript’ in the ‘Contents’ tab (of ‘Options’) and uncheck the box next to ‘Disable or replace context menus’. That’s all it takes to start distributing the links. That said, it’s my sacred and holy duty to make these people suffer – by offering the link to these files and using THEIR bandwidth. I think there should be a law banning people with IQs lower than 42 from starting their own online test series sites. The founding team of this website are all IITians – which probably is a good explanation as to why they’re stupid enouigh to try and use JavaScript for obfuscation. I don’t care about other things, but these ‘premier world-class educational institutions’ in India sure suck big time when it comes to web technologies. Ten-year old computer syllabi? Gimme a break. In case you haven’t got them already, you can also download the official BITSAT sample questions, or get some background information about BITSAT…and if you are really daring enough, have a look at the BITSAT cut-offs for previous...